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Houseplants That Can Clean Your Air

You likely spend most of your time indoors, so your indoor air quality is important. A number of airborne substances may be in your home, including mold, pet dander, pollen, dust mites and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Once they get stirred up in the air, you may be breathing them into your lungs. Airborne pollutants […]

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Learn How to Creatively Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

You may take it for granted—that blocky gray metal box sitting beside your house—but it does serve an important purpose: It’s an essential part of your split-system air conditioner or heat pump. Yet, you have to admit; it doesn’t add much to the aesthetic appeal of your home. So how can you address this issue? […]

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Investing in a Commercial Water Treatment System is Good Business

Water usage in commercial settings can range from simple water access for employee restrooms to substantial water requirements for manufacturing processes, food preparation, or cleanup. No matter the type and extent of your company’s water needs, if you have hard water in your system, it will significantly affect the performance of your plumbing, your equipment, […]

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Common Central Heating Problems to Watch Out For

Central heating problems always seem to occur at the worst time. That may be due to frigid temperatures outside and your demand for continuous heat inside. If your furnace system is acting up, check out these common problems and the solutions to see if it’s a quick fix or something that requires a professional’s touch. […]

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Finding the Right Plumber

Keeping your home’s plumbing in good shape is essential for peace of mind and ease around daily tasks that require water. However, when things go wrong — whether they’re minor or major — it’s important to have the right plumber on speed dial so you can get the situation taken care of right away. What […]

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Want A Better Air Filter? Ratings That Deliver Several Benefits

The American Lung Association analyzes data from across the country each year to give counties an air quality grade. The bad news: New Castle County received an “F” for Particle Pollution and High Ozone Days. The good news: Better air filters are available, which can help keep your family safe and healthy. In order to […]

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Fall Rooftop Unit Maintenance Tips for Your Building

Many commercial HVAC systems are packaged rooftop units that are installed out of sight on the roof. If your HVAC system is a rooftop type, it’s even more important to make rooftop unit maintenance is performed at the right time. Why Pay Special Attention to Rooftop Unit Maintenance? Rooftop units are installed on the roof […]

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What are the Different Types of Commercial HVAC Ducts?

Commercial enterprises that are installing, upgrading, or replacing their HVAC systems face a number of complex choices. From the brand name of the HVAC system to the sizing of the equipment, it is important to choose carefully so that your heating and cooling is consistent, efficient, and effective. When you and your HVAC professional are […]

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Clogged Drain? Here’s What to Do Before the Plumber Arrives

If a clogged drain isn’t the most frustrating household inconvenience, it is certainly among the top ten. The most effective way to deal with one is to avoid it altogether. You can prevent many of these issues with a few simple habits: Do not dispose of grease and oil by pouring them down the drain. […]

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Ensuring Carbon Monoxide Detectors Work Well This Season

Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous gas produced as a byproduct of combustion. If your furnace burns any type of fossil fuel, it will also produce carbon monoxide. The gas is usually safely directed outdoors by your furnace’s ventilation system. However, if the exhaust system malfunctions or if your furnace is compromised by problems such […]

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Warm Enough for You in Your Home This Past Winter? If Not, Read On

Your heating system should keep your home toasty warm all winter long. A home that’s not warm enough doesn’t always indicate a serious problem, though. The following checks can help you troubleshoot possible issues, before you call for help. Is your thermostat on the correct setting? It should be on “heat”, and the fan should […]

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Your HVAC-System Filtration: Just as Important in Your Commercial Building as It Is at Home

In both commercial and residential settings, one of the most important functions of the HVAC system is air filtration. HVAC-system filtration helps improve indoor air quality by removing particulates and other material that could create musty, unpleasant air; trigger allergies or asthma symptoms; or cause respiratory issues and possibly disease. Filters can remove dust, lint, […]

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Is It Time to Replace the Ductwork in Your Commercial Building?

Businesses expend significant resources taking care of the HVAC systems in their buildings. This is certainly justifiable, as commercial HVAC equipment often represents a large financial investment. It is also important to maintain a comfortable indoor environment for your employees and customers. Along with the main HVAC equipment, you should also pay attention to the […]

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What Not to Flush Down Your Commercial Toilets

Commercial toilets in retail or commercial facilities are sturdy, hardworking plumbing systems that are vital to public health and employee comfort. The same care should be taken with commercial toilets as with residential units, ensuring that non-waste objects and materials are not flushed down commercial plumbing fixtures and into municipal wastewater systems. There are several […]

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Clogged Up? Find a Pro to Unblock Your Heating Ducts

Lately your furnace doesn’t seem to be doing any good in your home. Your system is running, but there’s no heat coming out of one or more of the vents. Looks like your heating ducts are clogged. What should you do? Just call your local HVAC pro, so he can help unclog your heating ducts. […]

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Before Upgrading a Home Heating System, Find an HVAC Tech and Get an Energy Audit

The two most important bases to cover before upgrading a heating system, include finding a solid HVAC contractor and getting an energy audit. Your contractor and a team of technicians are essential for selecting the right equipment and installation for your home and budget. An energy audit will tell you where you can easily improve […]

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Get Fresh Air with a Heat Recovery Ventilator

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) takes stale indoor air out of your home and replaces it with outdoor air — without losing heat or adding humidity to your indoor environment. Today’s energy-conserving homes have one major drawback. The same airtight structural standards that retain heating and air conditioning so efficiently also conspire to keep fresh […]

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Convenient Design — Add a Built In Soap Dispenser to Your Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean and germ-free is a continual and never ending task. And when your hands get covered in chicken or other meat juices, it is really easy to transfer bacteria from your hands to other surfaces in the kitchen, especially the outside of your faucet or soap container, which can be really counter-productive. […]

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