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Learn How to Plan for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations

If you haven’t created or thought about a plan for workplace emergencies and evacuations, now’s the time to do so. While disasters, such as fires, floods, explosions and weather emergencies are rare, they do happen, and survivability is improved by being well prepared. Furthermore, by ensuring the occupants of your building are prepared to follow […]

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Sizing An Air Cleaner Using Expert Advice

Correctly sizing an air cleaner ensures that it can handle the demands of purifying your home’s indoor air. A portable air cleaner is typically used in those areas where individuals who are especially sensitive to airborne particulates spend the most time, such as in bedrooms or other enclosed living spaces. Room air cleaners may also […]

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5 Top Winterization Tips for Your Home

With cold weather just around the corner, now is the time to take action. Prepare your home for winter and save some money while you’re at it. Here are 5 top winterization tips for your home. 1. Draft dodging. Cold air is rushing in under a door while warm air rushes out. Create a draft […]

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Insulation Upgrades Work Best When the Right Type Is Used

If your home was built more than 10 years ago, it probably doesn’t have sufficient insulation. Home construction during previous eras of cheaper energy often skimped on attic insulation. As long as utility costs were low, it was a convenient way to save on building costs. Relying on 20th century standards in 2013, however, is […]

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Quality Service Non-Negotiable? Use HVAC Service Quotes As A Guide

Hiring a quality contractor to perform preventive maintenance on your HVAC system is important: You deserve to work with trustworthy people to get the job done right, who will treat your equipment as though it is their own, and won’t take advantage of you with unnecessary repairs, hard sells, or overpriced service.

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Developing A Strategic Energy-Savings Plan

Utility bills account for a large portion of monthly expenses for most households. Unfortunately, there are numerous ways in which energy can leak from buildings. For instance, insufficient construction or wasteful consumer practices may make your home energy use inefficient and more expensive than necessary.

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Get In On These Benefits That Commercial HVAC Maintenance Affords

To keep the HVAC equipment in your commercial facility working properly and reliably, the system needs regular preventive maintenance. A planned commercial HVAC maintenance agreement will ensure your heating and cooling system provides efficient indoor comfort when you need it.

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UV Lights Can Keep Your HVAC System Clean

UV lights are important to indoor air quality because simply filtering airborne pollutants often isn’t enough to ensure healthy air quality. Contaminants in your breathing air include much more than inorganic particles like dust and lint. A large component of indoor air pollution are living microorganisms such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses. While high-efficiency […]

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Important HVAC Requirements When Purchasing Commercial Property

Commercial property transfers involve several complex steps to ensure both buyers and sellers are protected in the transaction. HVAC requirements in the sale of commercial buildings can vary from state-to-state and city-to-city. When buying or selling commercial property, consult closely with your real estate agent or attorney to ensure all requirements are met and that […]

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Common A/C Problems — What to Know and How to Cope

Common A/C problems don’t seem common when it’s your home and its the hottest day of a summer heat wave. Any problem at that time is a special occasion. Today’s air conditioners are built to take heavy usage and breakdowns are less common than ever. Advanced technology and component engineering as well as regularly scheduled […]

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Mass Notification Solutions That Work Across Industries

When an emergency occurs, safety depends on the immediate distribution of information to as many people as possible. Mass notification systems are an effective way to address this need. Mass notification solutions must be able to work across multiple industries to provide the greatest possible coverage and the best chance of important information reaching people […]

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Important Fire Sprinkler Requirements for Commercial Buildings

Fire safety is one of the more significant concerns for owners and managers of commercial buildings. A fire in a commercial establishment could lead to serious injury or even death of employees and customers. To a lesser degree, fires could damage merchandise, destroy important records, ruin expensive equipment and electronics, and put a company out […]

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Solve Spring Allergy Problems: Tips to Boost Indoor Air Quality

As the door closes on cold and flu season, allergy season springs to life, much to the chagrin of allergy sufferers and loved ones with respiratory issues. Solve spring allergy problems this season, and all through the year, with these tips to boost indoor air quality in your home. DIY indoor air quality tips

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Tighter Ductwork Will Help You Hold Your Energy Costs Down

One part of your HVAC system that is rarely seen is the ductwork. The ducts play a vital role in delivering conditioned air throughout your home, and then carrying air back to the furnace or A/C to be conditioned again. This is why any leaks or other problems in your ducts can have profound effects […]

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Top Reasons to Invest in Preventative HVAC Maintenance

If you live in Delaware and the surrounding areas, you probably rely heavily on your HVAC system to keep you warm during the cold, winter months and to cool you off during the summer. As a large investment, you want your system to last as long as possible and to remain very energy efficient. Investing […]

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How to Tell if You Have Hard Water

All water contains minerals, but hard water has higher levels of calcium, magnesium and/or manganese that can take a toll on your home’s plumbing system and appliances. Fortunately, there are various types of water softeners available that can alleviate a hardness problem. If you recognize these telltale hard water signs, get the advice of a […]

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How to Clean Your Furnace’s Evaporator Coil

As cooler weather approaches, you probably ask a lot of from your heating system — warm and comfortable home, clean air and reasonable heating bills. For your furnace to deliver the goods, it needs a little help in the form of regular cleaning. Read on to learn why it’s important to clean your evaporator coil, […]

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Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency: Make Attic Insulation Work For You

Attic insulation is there to limit the transfer of heat. Heat energy is active and always trying to move from a hot zone into a cooler zone. During winter, you want to keep that energy from getting out; in summer you want to prevent it from moving in. Heat rises by convection out of living […]

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