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Simple Home Heating Tasks to Complete Today

There are plenty of home heating tasks you can perform to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently. The following tasks are easy to complete and should be done regularly throughout the year: Replace Air Filters. Air filters should be inspected, cleaned, or changed at least once every month. This helps improve airflow into your furnace, […]

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Why Is Your Cooling Capacity Measured in Tons?

The cooling capacity of the typical residential air conditioner is two to four tons. Though, it doesn’t mean that the air conditioner weighs 4,000 to 8,000 pounds. “Ton” in HVAC terminology and context is a measurement of heat energy movement rather than a measurement of weight. “Tons” of Cooling Back in the 1800s before modern […]

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Commercial Plumbing Problem? Turn to Pipe Cleaning With Camera Service

Plumbing system cameras are an effective solution to the difficulty of locating and identifying commercial plumbing system problems in areas that are otherwise difficult or impossible to inspect directly. These specially designed cameras fit on the end of a push rod or long cable that is fed into your drain pipes. As the camera is […]

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Learn How Your A/C’s Refrigeration Cycle Works

The Wilmington area’s high summer temperatures make it important to care for your air conditioner if you expect it to keep you cool all season long. Understanding the refrigeration cycle and the role of each component in that cycle helps you perform better routine A/C maintenance. The cooling process relies on a substance called refrigerant, […]

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On or Auto: Which is the Better Thermostat Setting?

If you have ever wondered which is the better thermostat setting for the fan mode, you are probably not alone. Though, while not affecting indoor temperatures so much like “heat” and “cool” modes, the fan “on” and fan “auto” settings do impact indoor air quality, energy bills and more. Thermostat Fan Settings The fan setting […]

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Frozen Pipes: 7 Easy Precautions to Take

Nothing can make a winter more memorable – in a bad way – than frozen pipes. Besides the inconvenience of scheduling repairs and going without water till they’ve been completed, frozen pipes can result in pipes rupturing and potential flooding, resulting in costly damages to home and property. The good news is that with the […]

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Fall Furnace Maintenance Tips You Need to Know About

Fall is the ideal time to take care of essential furnace maintenance to ensure you have a warm, cozy home throughout the coming winter. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your heating equipment operating efficiently, reliably and safely: Install a Programmable Thermostat You can reduce home heating energy consumption and operating costs […]

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Steps to Take to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Entire Home

Your house is full of airborne particulates that you shouldn’t be breathing. In fact, studies show that interior air is much more polluted than outdoor air, containing pollutants like pet dander, pollen, mold, dust and dust mites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and more. The good news is you can go from room to room and […]

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7 Things to Consider Before Getting a New HVAC System

Purchasing a new HVAC system is a big investment, and it’s one you’ll be living with for many years to come. When you’re considering getting new heating and cooling equipment, talk to a trustworthy industry professional about your options and keep these critical considerations in mind. Cost – Don’t make a purchasing decision based solely […]

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Is it Time for a Boiler Upgrade?

Even if your old boiler still keeps you warm in the snowy Delaware and Pennsylvania winters, it might be costing you more than it should. A boiler upgrade could cut your bills and boost your comfort. Know When it’s Time for a Boiler Upgrade A boiler can run for 15 years or longer with no […]

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Five Simple Ways to Improve Your Insulation During Winter

Does your home’s energy bill jump through the roof during the cold winter months? If so, chances are your home’s insulation needs upgrading. In fact, improving your home’s insulation is an effective way to reduce your energy bills in both winter and summer. There are five easy ways to improve your home’s insulation. Add insulation […]

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How to Manage Water Problems in Your West Chester Home

Water problems can damage almost everything in your home if left unchecked, from your clothing and skin to your home’s foundation and health. Here are some common issues and solutions to help manage some common water problems in your West Chester home. Install a Water Softener A water softener replaces troublesome minerals in your water […]

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Learn How to Clear and Prevent Drain Clogs in Your Home

One of the nastiest messes a homeowner can face is a clogged drain. When it happens, you may be tempted to pour harsh chemicals down the sink to eliminate the clog, but doing so may cause even more problems. Caustic substances can wear away the inner surface of the pipes and create leaks, but with […]

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Surviving Severe Weather Fronts Regardless Of The Season

Being prepared for severe weather fronts means having the right equipment and supplies at hand. While it’s hurricane season right now, it’s wise to be prepared for other severe weather fronts that can occur in any season. After all, disasters come in many forms, and your family’s safety and survival could depend on your preparedness.

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Your MERV Filter: Pick A Number, But Just Any Number?

The air conditioning and heating world seems to be filled with four-letter acronyms: SEER, AFUE, HSPF, NATE, HVAC, etc. And here’s one more you can add to your vocabulary: MERV.

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Duct Cleaning: How To Know When It’s Time For The Service

It’s common to experience a blast of dust and odor when turning your heating system back on for the season. This problem usually goes away quickly, but if you continue to experience problems with clogged ducts, low airflow, increased airborne particulates or bad odors, it may be time to consider a professional duct cleaning.

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Need Sewer Line Repair? Pipe Relining May Work

Over time, both residential and commercial sewer lines can deteriorate significantly. Stresses from both underground and above-ground sources can cause sewer pipes to crack, break, or become clogged. When these troubles develop, the usual solution has been to dig up the sewer lines and replace them completely. This option, while effective, can be expensive, inconvenient, […]

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A/C Not Cooling? Steps to Take Before Calling the Pros

If you are having issues with your A/C not cooling your Wilmington home, you’re not alone. Air conditioners that weren’t properly installed or haven’t been properly maintained are more prone to breaking down. Unfortunately, this often seems to happen at the most inconvenient times- during the hottest times of the year! Before running to telephone […]

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