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Plumbing Maintenance Checks You Should Consider Your Business This Fall

Keeping your plumbing system working effectively requires year-round attention and regular preventive maintenance. A plumbing failure can be even more costly and annoying in the winter if your professional has to deal with very cold weather, snow and ice, or frozen soil to fix the problem. This fall, plan to have some plumbing maintenance done to get your pipes, drains, and fixtures ready for the winter.

  • Check for visible damage or other problems: A visual inspection of your plumbing system should be the first step. Look for any obvious damage, loose or detached connections, corrosion, bent or broken pipes, or other problems that could cause problems. You may have to ask your plumber for help with this phase of plumbing maintenance.
  • Test faucets and fixtures: Make sure all faucets, shower heads, and other plumbing fixtures are working properly, are securely attached, and that water flow is adequate. Turn on the faucets to make sure water flows properly and that there are no leaks around the handles or connections. Pay particular attention to leaks in your hot water system, either at the faucet or at the heater. You’ll waste even more energy, water, and money if there are unnoticed losses of hot water. Have leaks repaired, connections tightened, or fixtures replaced during plumbing maintenance.
  • Check toilets for leaks: Give careful attention to toilets for potential leaks. Leaks in toilets can often be very difficult to detect and can result in the waste of thousands of gallons of water a year. If you have tank-style toilets, add a small amount of dye or food coloring to the water in the tank. If the color appears in the bowl within about fifteen minutes, there is most likely a leak present. Look for leaks around the area where the toilet bowl connects to the floor, around flush handles, and around connections to water supply pipes and drains.
  • Check toilets for proper function and stability: Test the toilets in your facility to ensure they flush properly and with sufficient force and water volume to remove waste. Make sure the toilet is securely attached to the floor and does not move from side to side.
  • Do a system overview to check for leaks: Check pipes and connections for water leaks. Sometimes this will require a plumber’s help to inspect hidden or hard-to-reach areas for leaks. Pay particular attention to the points where plumbing pipes and drains penetrate the walls. Look for signs of leaks, such as small puddles of water; wet or warped wallboard; or water stains near pipes or fixtures.
  • Test plumbing system water pressure: Make sure the water pressure in your plumbing system is sufficient to provide adequate water flow and meet your water supply requirements. If the water pressure is low, check for leaks within the system or clogs in the pipes or fixtures.
  • Check troublesome pipes or drains for clogs: A clogged toilet drain or water pipe can be a simple nuisance, or in the most extreme situations, a source of messy overflows and floods. If you’ve noticed drain problems or issues that suggest a clog, have your plumber check the pipes. A video inspection may be necessary to locate problems deep in the pipe system. Have blockages and clogs removed and any damaged pipes replaced.
  • Make sure water supply pipes are insulated and ready for winter: Apply insulation to water supply pipes to help prevent freezing during the winter. You could also apply heating tapes to pipes to get them ready for the days when temperatures are lowest. Be especially mindful of pipes in unheated areas of your facility, such as crawl spaces or basements.

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