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Is It Time to Retrocommission Your Building?

When new commercial buildings are finished, many of them will go through a process called commissioning. During commissioning, a structure is subjected to numerous tests, inspections, and assessments to ensure that all internal systems, from HVAC to plumbing, are working properly, efficiently, and in tandem with other important building systems. As buildings and interior systems […]

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Mass Notification Solutions That Work Across Industries

When an emergency occurs, safety depends on the immediate distribution of information to as many people as possible. Mass notification systems are an effective way to address this need. Mass notification solutions must be able to work across multiple industries to provide the greatest possible coverage and the best chance of important information reaching people […]

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Common A/C Compressor Problems and How to Avoid Them

An air conditioning compressor problem is not uncommon, especially when routine maintenance isn’t performed. Most likely, a compressor problem will require professional attention, but recognizing potential problems before the compressor fails can ward off costly repairs. Following are some compressor problems you’ll want to avoid. Cycling on and off – Frequent cycling can occur for […]

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Use Control Systems to Make Your Heating and Cooling Efficient

Significant improvements can be made in HVAC efficiency by using control systems that provide better options for system operation. The most common control systems boost efficiency by letting you limit heating and cooling system function when it’s not needed while ensuring that indoor comfort is consistently maintained. The following three types of control systems are […]

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Using Your Programmable Thermostat Properly? 5 Tips for Improvement

Correctly using your programmable thermostat could cut your Delaware area home’s heating and cooling bills by up to 10 percent. While these thermostats are easy to use, there are a few things you should know if you want to get the most out of them. 1. Select long set points You’ll see the greatest energy […]

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How to Tell If Your Home’s Plumbing Is Ready for an Upgrade

Your home plumbing may be telling you it’s time for an upgrade. Are you listening? Most homes will outlive the plumbing installed during its original construction. From day one, pipes are accumulating wear and tear from internal flow, as well as the effects of mineral deposits, corrosion and the continuous municipal water pressure of over […]

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Improve IAQ with UV Lights

Your indoor air picks up a lot of pollutants, from cooking and cleaning fumes to microscopic organisms that thrive in dust or high-humidity areas. Those microscopic organisms, especially, can cause a lot of health problems, from allergic responses to respiratory illnesses. UV lights installed in your HVAC systems can help protect your home and your […]

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Safety Tips for When You’re Working In the Attic

Working in your attic this time of year can leave you dehydrated and suffering from heat exhaustion. The obstacles and materials likely found up there pose other dangers too, such as trip and fall accidents, head injuries, electrical shocks and exposure to insulation fibers. To stay safe during any attic foray, make sure you’re well-hydrated […]

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Tips for Keeping Your Home Warm in Freezing Temperatures

It’s getting rather cold outside and keeping your home warm during the winter is imperative not only for your health and comfort, but for the integrity of your living space as well. The following tips can help keep your pipes from freezing this winter: Keep your garage doors closed except for when entering and exiting. […]

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Lower Your Water Bill with Water-Efficient Plumbing Fixtures

When you can find a way to save both natural resources and money, you’ve found a winning combination. That sort of moral and financial victory is easily accomplished when you undertake a plan to save water in your Mid-Atlantic region home. And there’s plenty of help achieving water efficient plumbing, with a whole federal program, […]

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Your Heat Pump Freezes Up – Now What?

It’s normal for the outdoor coil in a heat pump system to frost lightly during winter as it circulates frigid refrigerant. Freezing rain may also stick to the coil in cold weather. Occasionally, icing may result from restricted airflow through the coil, usually because of leaves or other debris accumulating in the vent openings. However, […]

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Don’t Say Achoo! How to Prevent Fall Allergies

It’s a fairly common misconception that allergies are worst in spring. It’s true that people who are allergic to tree pollen suffer most in early spring, but for those who respond badly to indoor airborne substances, all year is “allergy season.” Here in the mid-Atlantic, we tend to close up our homes and remain indoors […]

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Programmable Thermostat Giving You a Problem? Try These Quick Fixes

Adding a programmable thermostat to your HVAC system is a great way to save energy in your Delaware home. Programmable thermostats can be programmed to adjust inside temperatures according to your preference and scheduling. This allows you to reduce your energy costs while you and your family are asleep or away. However, like any electronic […]

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Energy Recovery Ventilator Technology for Commercial Buildings

As concerns about energy efficiency and indoor air quality grow, technologies emerge and evolve to meet these concerns. In the commercial arena, energy recovery ventilator (ERV) technology is providing building owners and managers with a cost-effective way to increase ventilation while also holding down heating and cooling costs. Here is a brief overview of energy […]

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Furnace Replacement Inevitable? Here’s a Checklist to Help Decide

If you own your home long enough, furnace replacement becomes a matter of “when,” not “if.” Every time your furnace actuates and the burner lights, the clock is ticking on its expected service life. The years of high-temperature heating followed by quick cooling takes its toll in wear and tear on components. Replacing a furnace […]

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Determine the Best Type of Ventilation for Your Commercial Space

The air quality inside your commercial facility depends in large part on effective ventilation. Ventilation provides air circulation in your office, retail store or commercial location. This air movement helps keep a constant supply of fresh air inside your building as it helps move airborne particles, odors, microorganisms and other contaminants out of your workspaces. […]

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Is Your Building Ready for a New Furnace? Use these Tips Before You Buy

When it’s finally time to replace the furnace in your commercial building, you want to make sure you get a new furnace that will provide the amount of heating you need at the most economical cost. There are several important factors that should be taken into consideration when buying a new furnace, all of which […]

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Why Building a Relationship with a Trusted Plumber is Essential

Plumbing emergencies strike when you least expect them. Unfortunately, there is rarely a noticeable problem that slowly takes a turn for the worse. Usually, you’re caught completely off guard when things start leaking uncontrollably, pipes burst or toilets overflow. Now imagine you chipped a tooth. You wouldn’t just go to the first dentist you find, […]

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