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Don’t Let a Drip Become a Puddle: Detect Leaks in Your Building

Roof leaks in a commercial building can be difficult to detect and repair. The larger the building, the more space that must be covered when looking for areas where water is getting into your inside spaces. Leaks can lead to serious problems, so it’s best to detect leaks in your building and fix these troublesome […]

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Is it Time for a Boiler Upgrade?

Even if your old boiler still keeps you warm in the snowy Delaware and Pennsylvania winters, it might be costing you more than it should. A boiler upgrade could cut your bills and boost your comfort. Know When it’s Time for a Boiler Upgrade A boiler can run for 15 years or longer with no […]

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Attic Safety: Things to Know

Attic safety is important before launching any DIY attic projects. Upgrading attic insulation by installing pre-cut, roll-out batts is a task many homeowners take on to increase home energy efficiency and comfort, winter and summer. Sealing air leaks that allow cooling or heating to escape from living spaces below is another attic-related item on many […]

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Geothermal Heat Pump Problems? Tips to Try Before the Pros Arrive

Despite the reliability of these systems, geothermal heat pump problems do occur. If the geothermal system in your Delaware-area home isn’t working as it should, the problem may be something you can take care of yourself. Other issues require help from a professional, but a little quick troubleshooting can make your technician’s job easier. Check […]

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Benefits of Whole-House Ventilation

One good thing could be said about the drafty, inefficient houses of yesteryear: they got a lot of ventilation to eliminate stagnation and dilute contaminants. Unfortunately, ventilation was completely uncontrolled and heating and cooling loss—as well as energy costs—were high. Today, mechanical ventilation is often limited to single-room fans installed in a bathroom or kitchen. […]

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Programmable Thermostat Giving You a Problem? Try These Quick Fixes

Adding a programmable thermostat to your HVAC system is a great way to save energy in your Delaware home. Programmable thermostats can be programmed to adjust inside temperatures according to your preference and scheduling. This allows you to reduce your energy costs while you and your family are asleep or away. However, like any electronic […]

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The Importance of Having a Good Filter for Your Building’s Furnace

When you’re getting the furnace in your commercial building ready for another winter’s service, much of your attention will likely be focused on the equipment itself and on its functional components. There is another important piece of your furnace, however, that you should give attention to: the air filter. While it may seem that the […]

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Indoor Air Quality: Consider Radiant Barriers for a Hot, Humid Attic

When the sun beats down on your roof, its heat has to radiate somewhere. Typically, it flows into your attic walls and floor. This effect of the sun’s radiant heat is what creates the unbearable heat and humidity in your attic during the summer months. All this heat gain is causing your A/C to work […]

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Helpful Tips to Prevent Poor Indoor Air Quality in Office Buildings

Office workers spend a significant portion of their day working inside. If the indoor air quality (IAQ) of their office environment is poor, they are often in a position where they cannot get away from it. Employees, supervisors and building owners have little choice but to take steps to prevent poor IAQ and improve the […]

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Hydro Jetting Ensures Free-Flowing Plumbing Pipes

Drainage problems and clogged plumbing are an ongoing fact of life for homeowners. Many methods of drain clearing are available, ranging from chemical agents that dissolve clogs to mechanical systems that literally drill through blockages and break them up. In cases of serious clogs deep in your plumbing system, hydro jetting might be your best […]

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Troubleshooting Guide to Common Furnace Problems

If you’ve used furnaces for home heating for years or even decades, problems may still arise that you’re unfamiliar with – especially with today’s high-tech systems. While professional HVAC maintenance is the best option to prevent furnace problems, try the following troubleshooting tips if your system conks out when you need it most. Zero Heat […]

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Why Should a Pro Drain and Flush Sediment from Your Building’s Water Heaters?

You probably already know that your HVAC system needs regular preventive maintenance to keep it working properly and economically. There are, however, other mechanical systems in your commercial building that will benefit from professional attention. One of the most important of these is your water heater. The amount of hot water used in a commercial […]

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Workplace Fire Safety: Replace and Upgrade

Workplace fire safety requires an extremely high priority among matters of facilities management. A fire in a commercial setting has the potential to destroy thousands or even millions of dollars of merchandise, raw materials, and equipment. Even more importantly, a fire of that type could have an enormous human toll of injuries or deaths. Here […]

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From the Bottom Up: Tips for an Energy Saving Basement

Many of us are familiar with unfinished basements: often vast areas of dank space beneath your home where the washing machine, dryer, furnace and water heater reside in darkness. Basements are also places that can cause huge drains on an energy bill, often without the homeowner even realizing it. Identify and tighten up areas of […]

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New Features to Look for in an HVAC System

The HVAC industry continually strives to improve its products by designing HVAC system features that improve energy efficiency and comfort. Some of the latest enhancements include sophisticated mechanical components, while others use simple technology to improve convenience and durability. Mechanical upgrades include: Systems equipped with variable-speed technology sense the cooling or heating load indoors and […]

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Prepare Your Office Building for the Fall and Winter Months

The changing of the seasons from summer to fall is a sign that cooler weather is on the way. It should also be a signal that it’s time to prepare your office building for the drops in temperature, shifts in usage patterns, and changes in maintenance needs that will occur during fall and winter. By […]

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Can’t Decide On A Geothermal System? Learn the Basics

Investing in a geothermal system is a big decision that will reward you with significant paybacks. Learning the basics about geothermal energy can help you determine if you are ready to take the next step towards this clean, money saving technology. Geothermal systems work by utilizing the earth (or a water source) as a nearly […]

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