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What to Do About Low Water Pressure

Normal residential water pressure averages about 40 to 50 PSI. When water pressure in your home drops below that range, generally you notice it. First, water flow out of faucets and showerheads seems less forceful. You’ll also notice that the washing machine tends to take an extra long time to fill before wash and rinse […]

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Is Radiant Flooring the Right Choice for Your Home?

The gentle, consistent heat radiant flooring provides can keep you comfortable even in the worst of Delaware and New Jersey’s winter storms. While this heating method has many benefits, it’s better suited to some situations than others. Know Your Options A radiant floor heating system is ideal if you’re looking for: More even room temperatures […]

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4 Easy Energy-Saving Resolutions for the Home

You may have made New Year’s Resolutions that have to do with personal health and wellbeing such as losing weight, quitting smoking, traveling more, eating healthier, and learning something new, but we forget that our personal environment plays a huge factor in all of our life changes. From natural lighting and climate control to water […]

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Energy Saving Tips to Put to Use in Your Commercial Building

Studies have shown that most commercial facilities have the potential to immediately reduce operating costs by up to 20 percent simply by adopting a few energy saving techniques. While optimum energy efficiency is now “built in” to most new construction, existing facilities need not remain locked in the norms of a bygone era. There’s a […]

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Need Ventilation? Whole-House Fans vs. Attic Fans for Your Home

Your attic can make a big contribution to optimum household ventilation in two ways. An attic fan to move hot air out of a broiling attic in summer is vital to take the load off air conditioning equipment cooling living spaces below. When it’s cool enough to turn off the A/C, a whole-house fan installed […]

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A Brief Security Guide for Commercial Buildings

In the modern sociopolitical climate, building security remains a top priority for owners and managers. Petty crime, such as vandalism and theft, is always a major concern. The following brief security guide for commercial buildings will help you devise a workable security plan and implement procedures that will keep your commercial building and its occupants […]

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Where You Can Find and Plug Energy Leaks This Fall

Cooler weather means you’ll be running your commercial heating system more often. It also means that there are more chances of wasting energy and money if your facility has numerous energy leaks. Here are some good reasons to plug energy leaks in your business’s building and suggestions for where to look for the most wasteful […]

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What Causes the Popping Noises in a Water Heater?

Water heaters generally operate very quietly and go unnoticed until your hot water runs out or some other problem arises. If the popping noises from your water heater have caught your attention, keep reading to find out what’s wrong and what should be done. Stop the Popping Water heaters heat and reheat water around the […]

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Boiler About to Bite the Dust? Know When to Replace

Boilers are essential workhorse systems that meet the steady heating load for many Wilmington area homes. However, if you suspect your system is just about spent, it’s better to start planning for a replacement system, rather than be forced into a hasty decision should your unit fail. Following are signs and clues that it’s time […]

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Wondering How Long Your Furnace Will Last?

Your furnace is an essential part of your daily life, and while replacing it is expensive, if you wait too long, you could have to make a difficult replacement decision in a hurry, or worse, suffer days or weeks without heat. While you can’t pinpoint an exact lifespan of a heating system, you can have […]

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How to Protect Your Building Pipes in Winter

When temperatures plunge during the winter months, the risk of frozen pipes increases significantly. Here are some ways to protect building pipes and keep your plumbing system working and your building safe when it gets cold. Why Protect Building Pipes? Protecting building pipes in the winter will help you prevent problems such as: Indoor floods: […]

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What’s That Sound My Water Heater Is Making?

You’ve had your water heater for a few years now, and fortunately it hasn’t encountered much trouble up to this point. Lately, however, you’ve noticed that it makes a loud popping or rumbling noise when it runs. You’re probably wondering what this means for your water heater, and whether you should be worried. A water […]

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Save Money on Your Water Heating Bill

Hot water heating accounts for about 25 percent of the total energy consumption in your home, so the associated costs can add up quickly. Fortunately, there are some easy yet effective ways to reduce your water heating bill without any loss of comfort or convenience. Lower the Thermostat Setting Water heaters typically come from the […]

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Control Dust In Your Home With Steps That Make A Difference

One of the best times of year to control dust in your home in the Wilmington area is during the winter when your windows are closed. Not only is dust a nuisance, it can also irritate allergies and asthma. Most of the dust in your home comes from the people living it, the pets and […]

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3 Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

Does your water have a strange taste? Does it smell like bleach or chlorine? Recent research into the contaminants found in our water supplies shows that we don’t know really know what’s in our water. According to a 2017 report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, around 77 million Americans were using drinking water from […]

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A Good Plumber is Hard to Find: Tips on Getting it Right

It sometimes seems like an impossible dream, but finding a good plumber is absolutely achievable if you follow these five guidelines. Happy hunting! Your expectations Obviously, it is a matter of personal preference but on the whole a good plumber is one who: Gets the work done quickly, neatly, and efficiently. Offers a guarantee on […]

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Are You Ready to Schedule Duct Cleaning? Tools Your Technician Will Employ

If you’re planning to schedule duct cleaning for your home, understanding the tools used will help you find a technician who follows proper cleaning procedures.

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Energy Evaluations: What Your Contractor Should Look For

Like most homeowners, you’re probably intent on improving your home’s energy efficiency. However, it’s not easy to do if you don’t know where your home is losing energy or lacking efficiency. The answer is an energy evaluation. Conducted by a skilled professional, the evaluation will pinpoint problem areas and produce an action plan for improving […]

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