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A Guide to Insulation for Your Montgomery County Home

With so many types of insulation available, it can be hard to decide which will do the best job protecting your home from the Montgomery area’s sometimes inclement weather. This quick insulation guide will help you get oriented in the world of insulating and weatherization products. Get the Right Material for the Job A common […]

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5 Fire Safety Tips for Apartments and Condominiums

Fire safety is a critical consideration in residential settings, like apartments and condominiums. Many people living in close proximity to each other naturally increases the chance of accidents and other conditions that could cause a fire. A fire in your apartment affects not only you, but many of your neighbors as well. Even a small […]

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Easy Ways to Prevent Mineral Buildup in Your Humidifier

Humidifiers are simple, yet effective solutions to alleviating the uncomfortable and harmful side effects of dry indoor air. They are quiet and easy to use, but they do require maintenance to prevent mineral buildup and to stymie the development of mold, bacteria and other micro-organisms. Following are tips on how to clean and to prevent […]

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Guide to Energy Ratings for Windows and Doors

Around the Delaware and New Jersey area, where both heating and cooling are almost equally important, energy-efficient windows and doors have an appreciable effect on your comfortable and expenses. Energy ratings make it easy to find models that do more than just look good. U-factor — One of the most useful energy ratings in our […]

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How the Components of an HVAC System Work Together

Here in the Mid-Atlantic region, our HVAC systems get a workout almost all year round. An average year in Wilmington, DE, for instance, sees lows close to or below freezing for five months, and above the mid-70s for a similar period. Like any complex machine, your HVAC installation works better if well maintained. Some homeowners […]

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Breathe Easy with the Right Type of Air Purifier

Spring pollen, city smog and cold viruses abound around the Delaware and Maryland area. However, not all of these contaminants are of equal concern to everyone. Because different air purifiers target different contaminants, the type of air purifier that’s best for your home depends largely on which air pollutants you want to eliminate. Higher-efficiency filters […]

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Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners — What to Look For

When you buy a new home you’ve likely had an inspection on the house before purchasing. However, things can change in the time between the inspection and you taking possession of the house, especially if the property wasn’t occupied while you were in escrow. That’s why checking out your home’s plumbing to make sure it’s […]

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Tax Credits Might Be Your Saving Grace When It Comes to Energy Efficiency

Replacing your existing HVAC equipment and appliances with high-efficiency models will trim your monthly energy expenditures while also helping to reduce overall energy use in your community. Consumers who want to make the switch, however, are sometimes surprised to find that energy-efficient equipment can cost substantially more than lesser models. The recently renewed 25C tax […]

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Why a Commercial Energy Audit Can Save Your Business Big Bucks

In a commercial setting, energy expenses can consume the majority of a company’s monthly operating budget. Heating and air conditioning are especially notable areas that require substantial monthly spending but can’t be ignored. Any air or energy leaks in the business’s HVAC system can increase those expenses considerably. A commercial energy audit can help your […]

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Don’t Void Your HVAC Warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty on your HVAC system gives you peace of mind that the components are covered in case of defects, but did you know that it’s possible to void your HVAC warranty and lose that valuable coverage? Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your warranty intact. Make sure the equipment is […]

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Ways to Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency

It sure is a relief to arrive to a cool and comfortable home when it’s hot and sticky outside. Though, if you find yourself hot under the collar when you see high cooling bills, use these 10 ways to increase air conditioner efficiency and give your pocketbook some relief this summer. Ceiling Fans The wind-chill […]

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Is Dust Continuously Invading Your Home? Learn How to Deal With It

It lurks in homes all over the world. It reappears almost as soon as you clean it up. It’s annoying, and a hazard to your health – especially if you or a loved one suffers from allergies. No matter what method you choose to try to remove it, somehow it remains. We’re talking about dust, […]

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Solve Spring Allergy Problems: Tips to Boost Indoor Air Quality

As the door closes on cold and flu season, allergy season springs to life, much to the chagrin of allergy sufferers and loved ones with respiratory issues. Solve spring allergy problems this season, and all through the year, with these tips to boost indoor air quality in your home. DIY indoor air quality tips

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Air Conditioning Replacement Looming This Season? Take Action Now

Air conditioning replacement may become inevitable eventually, but it’s not something to dread. Upgrading your air conditioner can not only reduce your cooling bills, but can also keep you more comfortable through the Delaware area’s hot, humid summers. Start planning now and you’ll be able to have a new energy-efficient, high-performance air conditioning system running […]

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Top Reasons Why Building Owners Should Invest in Preventive HVAC Maintenance

In Delaware and New Jersey’s variable climates, an efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation system is critical for maintaining a healthy, comfortable indoor environment in your building. Because your HVAC system sees constant use, it depends on routine preventive HVAC maintenance to stay in shape. Staying on top of maintenance not only saves you money and […]

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5 Tips to Make the Upgrade to More Efficient Low-Flow Toilets Easier

Are you looking to make an environmentally friendly move that can save you money and help you meet building codes? Replacing old commodes with low-flow toilets is an easy home upgrade with plenty of benefits. For example, by upgrading from a 3.5 gallons-per-flush (gpf) toilet to a low-flow 1.6 gpf model, you can conserve thousands […]

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Plumbing Myths That Could Negatively Impact Your Maryland Home

Any professional plumber can recite some amusing plumbing myths. After all, the apparatus of our daily lives attracts its share of folklore. However, plumbing myths can waste a lot of money, so here are a few we wish would disappear for good. A Bubbling Noise in Your Water Heater Means it May Explode If you’re […]

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What to Expect From Your Fall Furnace Inspection

Have you scheduled your fall furnace inspection yet? Perhaps you hesitate because you’re not sure a tune-up is really necessary this year. After all, isn’t a tune-up basically a quick filter replacement and glance at system parts to ensure everything looks good? That’s about as much as you could do without any training, but a […]

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