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Vent Deflectors and Ways to Get Around Closing Your Vents

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Closing vents might seem like a good solution in some cases, such as when furniture blocks them, but vent deflectors offer a better, more energy-efficient solution. Here are some benefits to using these deflectors and how using them the right way can conserve energy in your home.

Directing Air Around Furniture

Conditioned air coming from your HVAC system is wasted if it blows onto obstacles such as beds, tables, chairs or other furnishings. By installing vent deflectors, you can direct the airflow in ways that bring more comfort and save energy.

For example, when vents are beneath a bed, use a deflector to direct the air outward, upward or to the side to prevent the cold or heat from dispersing beneath the bed before it reaches the room. You can pair vent extenders with deflectors to conserve even more. Both are usually made of sturdy plastic, not very expensive and are easy to install.

Other Steps Towards Energy Efficiency

Vents blocked by furniture are only one reason to use deflectors. Sometimes, the locations of HVAC vents aren’t efficient. An example is a floor vent placed directly beneath windows. Windows are a source of heat gain in hot weather and heat loss in winter, and your conditioned air moving up over the glass will lose or gain heat accordingly. Using deflectors to direct conditioned air away from windows will save energy and keep your home more comfortable.

Other Situations That Call for Deflectors Include:

  • Vent blows air onto a thermostat
  • Vent blows air over a hot appliance
  • Vent blows air into an unused space

If you don’t want to use deflectors and want to close vents in unused rooms completely, understand that this might cause airflow problems for your HVAC system. Instead, consider using programmable thermostats, adding a zoning system, and adding more insulation and weatherproofing.

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