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Duct Maintenance Can Help Boost Your A/C’s Energy Efficiency

You may not give your HVAC system’s ductwork much thought, since it’s mostly hidden from view behind walls and floors and ceilings, but it’s a key factor in the energy efficiency of your A/C system. Energy lost from ductwork due to leaks and poor insulation can account for a third or more of your air conditioning costs. Good duct maintenance can reduce those energy losses and leave more money in your bank account at the end of every month.

An ideal duct system provides balanced airflow throughout your home and is tightly sealed and well insulated to minimize energy losses. In the real world, no ductwork is perfect. Ducts are often located in difficult-to-reach places, and proper duct maintenance requires specialized knowledge and materials, so it’s best to ask your HVAC contractor to perform the following duct maintenance and repairs for you:

  • Repair and seal loose connections. Duct joints can come loose during construction or due to structural settling and vibrations. Connections should be made tight with screws and clamps. Leaky seams in ducts should be sealed with mastic.
  • Check supply and return registers. A/C registers should be tightly secured to the ends of ducts where they enter rooms. Loosely connected vents can be big sources of air leaks from the system.
  • Insulate where needed. Any ducts that run through your garage, attic or other unconditioned spaces will lose a lot of energy if they’re not properly insulated. Missing or damaged insulation should be replaced and vapor barriers should be included to prevent condensation on cooling ducts.
  • Clean dirty ducts. Dust, dirt and pet hair can reduce airflow and interfere with heat transfer across evaporator coils. Dirty ducts should be cleaned and you should change your A/C filter regularly to keep dirt out of your ductwork in the first place.

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