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Why You Should Invest in Energy Star-Qualified HVAC Products for Your Business

In the Delaware and Pennsylvania area, where both summer and winter bring some less-than-comfortable weather, a reliable heating and cooling system is a big part of what keeps your business running smoothly. By choosing Energy Star-qualified HVAC products, you’ll know the equipment you invest in is not only reliable but also energy efficient.

Lower Your Bills Through Greater Efficiency

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program was designed with the main purpose of identifying equipment that meets certain energy efficiency standards, ensuring the equipment is 10 to 15 percent more efficient than average products. Qualified air conditioners are 15 percent more efficient than standard models, while gas furnaces rated for the northern half of the country are as much as 16 percent more efficient.

If you’re interested in equipment that achieves the highest energy efficiency possible with today’s technology, look for equipment that has achieved the Energy Star Most Efficient status for the current year. These products are in the top five percent for efficiency in their respective categories. Categories include computer monitors and large clothes washers, as well as heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

Using Energy Star-qualified HVAC products in your business could cut your energy costs anywhere from 10 to 50 percent, depending on the specific products you choose. When you factor those savings across your entire office and work areas, that’s a lot of cash saved. It’s money you can invest back into your business for growth rather than just maintaining comfortable temperatures.

Using less energy is good for the environment, too. Cutting your use of natural gas and electricity helps reduce the greenhouse gases in our air. If you’re promoting your company as a green business, high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment is a must.

Enjoy High-Performance Technology

Energy Star-qualified HVAC products reach their high efficiency thanks to the design of their components. Many of these components not only use less energy, but also have a longer lifespan, run more quietly, and provide more stable, even heating and cooling.

The fan motors used in Energy Star-qualified systems are a good example of this. Many mid-efficiency systems use a two-stage motor, which can operate at either full capacity or a lower speed. The lower speed is usually sufficient, so the system will run at this speed most of the time. This reduces your energy use, provides more even temperatures and controls humidity more effectively. It means your business won’t end up with cold and hot spots that your customers and visitors avoid.

The highest-efficiency systems use a variable-speed motor, that can finely adjust its speed to the one that’s most energy efficiency at any moment. This provides the same benefits as a two-stage motor, but to an even greater degree.

Take Advantage of Rebates

When businesses use Energy Star-qualified HVAC products, both the environment and energy suppliers benefit. To encourage more businesses to invest in higher-efficiency equipment, some energy suppliers offer mail-in rebates on certain products. Typically, the equipment must at least meet the minimum Energy Star standards. Depending on the system you buy and its efficiency rating, your rebate could amount to several hundred dollars.

Keep in mind these rebates are available not just for heating and cooling systems, but also for water heaters and certain other types of commercial equipment. You can find out if rebates are available for the equipment you’re considering by visiting the Energy Star rebate finder page.

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