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Spring Storm Preparation

Storm Clouds

Meteorologically, spring is one of the most unstable seasons, and it’s not uncommon to experience severe weather outbreaks. Taking a bit of time to prepare your HVAC system ahead of time can lessen the impact of a spring storm on your heating and cooling equipment.

Power Supply

Label the circuit breaker for your HVAC equipment inside the panel, and teach each family or household member old enough to be responsible how to turn it off. Instruct them to turn the breaker off as the storm approaches. Should the power go out, your HVAC system is vulnerable as the electricity is being restored. Power surges during restoration are common and they have the capability of harming your equipment. HVAC equipment contains numerous electrical components that may be harmed from a power spike.

A more convenient option for many busy families is to have a whole-house surge protector installed in the circuit breaker box. It will turn off the power to the entire panel, which will protect all your appliances and electronics. However, if your home sustains a lightening strike, it may be powerful enough to harm one or more of your circuits.

Outdoor Condenser

A spring storm often has strong, gusty winds that can blow landscaping and yard debris into and around your yard. As a precaution, check the condition of the outdoor condenser for your A/C or heat pump in advance of the cooling or stormy season. Clear away any nearby vegetation, remove any low-hanging tree limbs, or objects close to the condenser that could harm it. If you expect a violent storm, cover the condenser with a tarp after you’ve turned it off at the circuit breaker and tie or weight it down.

Preparing your HVAC system for a spring storm will help you avoid catastrophic problems with it afterwards.

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