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Don’t Ignore Pipe Leaks in Your Home

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Pipe leaks are an annoyance but not really anything to worry about, right? Wrong. Any leakage from a water supply line or fixture is a red flag that should be taken seriously—and sooner rather than later. Your household water lines are under about 50 pounds per square inch of pressure coming from the municipal water supply. That’s enough to make a small leak a large problem over a long period of time…or a catastrophe in the event of a sudden total pipe rupture. Remember these facts about pipe leaks:

  • Minor leaks often conceal major flaws. Tiny pinhole leaks on the outside of water supply lines are often merely external signs of serious corrosion inside the pipe. A total pipe rupture can inundate your home with hundreds of gallons of water and cause severe damage.
  • Small leakage, big waste. Leaks from supply lines run 24/7/365. A pipe that drips once per second wastes 3,000 gallons per year. You may not actually see it happening, but you’ll notice it on the bottom line of your water bill.
  • Most water heater leaks can’t be fixed. Tank leakage indicates non-repairable internal corrosion. Replacement is the only option. Water inside the tank is under the same municipal pressure as the rest of the household supply. If the tank ruptures completely, expect an indoor flood and major clean-up expenses.
  • Leakage is not “normal.” Any pipe leaks—including intermittent seepage at joints—is unacceptable and should be considered signs of a defect that needs to be evaluated by a qualified professional plumber ASAP.
  • To DIY or not DIY. A faucet or toilet with its own individual water shut off valve may be a candidate for simple do-it-yourself tasks like replacing a washer or flapper valve. However, leaks in water supply pipes or fixtures connected directly to supply lines should be left to a plumber.

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