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The Sobieski Experience

State of the Art Fabrication

Success is when Preparation meets Opportunity!

At Sobieski, we have state-of-the-art fabrication machines working in concert with expertly trained staff to deliver the level of perfection our clients expect.

With a cutting edge fabrication shop producing truly custom HVAC infrastructure, ground breaking 3d mapping, and top-notch CAD systems, we are able to specify the product implementation from design through installation. We use top-notch, specialized equipment to not only exceed industry standards, but your expectations.

If you are looking for a company to deliver proprietary control of all aspects of your Plumbing and HVAC needs, look no further. We await the opportunity to show you the Sobieski difference!

Fab shop Metal
Fab Shop Metal
Fab Shop Prefab
Metal Shop Cutter
Metal Shop
fab shop metal 2
fab shop metal
fab shop prefab
metal shop cutter
metal shop
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The Fabrication and Metal Shop

3D Modeling of Interior of Workspace
3D Modeling of Interior of Workspace
3D Modeling of Interior of Workspace
3D Modeling of Interior of Workspace
3D Modeling of Interior of Workspace
3D Modeling of Interior of Workspace
3D Modeling of Interior of Workspace
3D Modeling of Interior of Workspace
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3D Modeling


“The Sobieski Experience – When Production and Excellence Combine You Get the New Industry Standard”

Proficiencies in Product Delivery

Line up of Sobieski Trucks

If you have ever been frustrated hearing a contractor say “We are waiting for the supply house to get back to us”, you can already understand what separates Sobieski from our competition. Our robust purchasing department stocks at our over 100,000 square foot facility virtually every fitting and part we need. From duct fittings to piping or new equipment, if we don’t have it, we can make it!

Our vast warehouse combined with our multiple 26’ box trucks makes material delivery to your site a phone call away and on our schedule. By avoiding a 3rd party shipping company, Sobieski is proud to be a one-stop-shop.  When the materials need to be on site and installed, a friendly, knowledgeable Sobieski employee is there at every step to stay on schedule and get the job done!

With robust purchasing, tracking and delivery departments rivaling most major box stores, we are able to efficiently stay on track and on budget – call us today to ensure you never get caught up with third-party suppliers again!

Warehouse Metal
Warehouse Shipping Mate
Warehouse Materials
warehouse metal
warehouse shipping materials
warehouse materials
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Experience You Can Trust

With over 35 years in business and thousands of dedicated, educated, and caring employees, we are the perfect project partner for your custom home.

Since the beginning, our guiding principles have been unwavering: Honesty, Respect, and Family. With foundations in family ties, as we expand and grow to serve more customers, we hold tightly to the ideal that honest, reliable work is essential to our success and your satisfaction. From our CEO and upper level management to the newest member of our team, Sobieski staff understands that every job is treated as if it were serving our own family.

Here at Sobieski, we are perpetually expanding our knowledge, skills, and depth in the mechanical trade in order to ensure you get the best service and care we can provide. As a part of the Sobieski family, you can trust our work is always done promptly, respectfully, and at a quality level we would provide for our own loved ones. When our work is done, we hope you take as much pride in it as we do!

“During the 20-month-long renovation of our 119-year-old house, my wife and I observed many excellent contractors. But the competence and professionalism of Sobieski and Matt S were exceptional. Matt accurately diagnosed the specific problems with our existing HVAC systems, created the vision for how we could solve those problems during renovation, submitted a clear, fair bid and directed the work to a very successful conclusion. We are delighted with our new HVAC capabilities! I recommend Sobieski for HVAC projects of any size or scope.”

– Howard D

Pipes with red handles, and gold tags with specific numbers
Pipes leading to water heater
White pipes leading to blue Booster
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“From Our House to Yours, A Family Operated Company Serving Your Family”

Partners in A Common Goal

At Sobieski, we practice what we preach. We strive to be the best and we know it starts from the top down – accountability and transparency are key to good business! As we grow to include new staff members and clients to our Sobieski family, we invest in our greatest assets – our employees. With frequent training seminars, Senior management interactions, and intercompany team building exercises, we strive to stay in tune with not only our ever-evolving trades, but with each other. We are partners in the common goal of growing a business, the right way – relying on Communication, Accountability and Honesty.

Sobieski is also proud to partner with VISTAGE, a training program that helps us to not only be more efficient and effective at our job, but to foster an inclusive, caring, and respectful environment for our employees. Vistage members set aside one day each month to meet with their peer advisory group and work on their business, not in it. That means they make time to tackle the big-picture plans, as well as the issues that may be holding them back. During the meeting, they help each other vet ideas, troubleshoot strategies and find solutions together.






WE REGARD our employees satisfaction as important
as customer service and company profitability. We
subscribe to the premise of win, win, win.

WE WILL ASSIGN technical and support personnel to
each job in accord with their experience,
knowledge and expertise.

WE WILL FOSTER training for all our employees on
an on-going basis to improve and uphold
high performance standards.

Serving Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia

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