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Layout and Design Working In Concert with Your Vision, Not Against It.


The Sobieski Custom Homes Division understands that the final aesthetic of the home is paramount. We have learned over the years how to work our design and layout in concert with the floor plan, furniture design and feel of the home. It fits your vision, we make it work so that your design is as visually pleasing as it is functional.


“NO” is Not in Our Vocabulary.


After years of building systems, working around complex problems, and testing our skills with tricky design parameters, we have learned the best practice is working together to solve every problem. When presented with a challenge, we bring you the options and move forward with a common goal to get as close to perfection as we can, on every project!

Our designers do not tell you something can’t be done. With the expertise on our team and creativity in our planning process, we find a way to make it work. When size or space issues arise, we make the adjustments we can to work with any space – you will receive an email with a mockup and a list of options for mitigating the intrusion into your design. We know what you want, and we work hand and hand with you to make it happen!


Complimentary Consultation


Complimentary consultation and design work ensure the space and size requirements are known from the genesis of the project design, not the 11th hour. We take care to plan and anticipate any issues, knowing that dedicated preparation is the best way to avoid challenges later down the line.

At Sobieski we have learned that there are more important things than money. We offer a free service to all of our Architects in design consultation – we are glad to meet with you at any stage of the project. Even if a builder has not been selected, we can help with layout out duct runs, pipe chases and realistic layouts of registers etc. Keeping our family mindset front and center, it is important to us that you and the customer have the best possible experience in building and renovating their home. It would be our pleasure to help in any way we can to ensure that happens.


As Much As It Takes


As many design visits as it takes – design team will spend the hours necessary to ensure the final product exceeds expectations.

We don’t work off of commissions and sales. Our owner decided a long time ago to have our company dedicated to QUALITY, not QUANTITY. Our design team is committed to spend any and every second you need to be comfortable with the Plumbing and HVAC design for your project.

We will draw and re-draw the designs as many times as necessary to exceed your expectations every day. Conference call, zoom, teams, on site or at your office… name the platform and we will be there!


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