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Anti-Scald Devices Can Be a Help in Your Home: Learn How

Overly hot tap water isn’t just uncomfortable. Every year, thousands of Americans are scalded by hot tap water, with around 1,500 being admitted to hospital due their injuries. Hot tap water can even kill. The annual death toll from domestic hot water scalds is approximately 100 people. Sadly, those most at risk are seniors and children. Their thinner skin means that scalds are more serious and occur at lower temperatures.

Hot water can cause significant injuries in seconds. It’s not uncommon to find water exiting the hot water system at 140 degrees. At this temperature, injuries may take ten minutes to occur. At 160 degrees, water will scald skin in under a second. The effects can be devastating, requiring long hospital stays, skin grafts and years of plastic surgery. Anti-scald devices help reduce the risk of scalds. Sometimes called anti-scald valves, mixing valves or tempering valves, they’re installed on the hot water line between the water heater and the outlets. They also have a connection to the cold water line.

If the hot water exceeds a safe maximum temperature, the valve allows cold water to mingle with the flow of hot water. Anti-scald valves are required by construction codes in some areas, especially for residential facilities for vulnerable individuals such as seniors. One benefit of anti-scald devices is maintaining a safe, comfortable temperature when the cold water supply fluctuates — for example, when one person is showering and another person turns on the cold tap.

As well as improving comfort, this can prevent scalding. Another benefit is that more hot water is often available, since the valve reduces the amount used. Fitting anti-scald valves is not costly or disruptive. To control the temperature of the water for a whole household, the valve can be fitted close to the heater. Alternatively, separate valves can be installed for individual appliances.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC & plumbing systems). To find out more about how anti-scald devices could safeguard your family against injury, contact us today.

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