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Two-In-One Commercial Building Protection: Fire And Safety Systems

2-Colored Cat FaceAs the security and safety needs of modern businesses increase, so does the need for a functional and effective integrated system to monitor and control multiple aspects of commercial building protection. An integrated fire and security system can give you the basic protection offered by top-of-the-line fire alarms, along with additional security services that make the best use of current technology to provide a full range of coverage for your protection needs.

Some of the features available in a commercial building protection plan may include the following:

  • Fire alarm systems: Customized fire protection for businesses can include monitoring services, emergency response, sprinkler systems and the inspections, maintenance and repairs that let you meet NFPA 72 National Fire Code standards. Options range from monitoring of heat detectors and smoke detectors to sprinkler monitoring.
  • Security systems: Security systems can be custom designed to meet your individual needs. Options include video verification upon entry of the building or at restricted access points, as well as video monitoring of the facility or a building perimeter security system. Businesses may also opt to combine security footage along with attendance management features to streamline business needs.
  • Burglary protection: Burglary and theft are ongoing concerns. Burglary protection systems can be scaled to meet the requirements of businesses of any size, with burglary protection equipment that can be easily integrated with closed-circuit television (CCTV) and biometric access control systems, giving businesses controlled fingerprint-access, for instance, to restricted areas of a facility or entry into the building.
  • Access control: Now businesses can invest in modern access control systems that, not long ago, could only be found in science fiction movies. Biometric access control equipment provides in-depth commercial building protection with the use of fingerprint readers, retinal scanners and whole-hand readers, along with more traditional devices such as card-swipe readers. This range of options suits businesses of all sizes and purposes, allowing customization of access controls, as well as the ability to add features as a business grows (as most systems promote interconnectivity). When combined with fire alarm systems, access controls promote high-level security, reduce liability, discourage employee or other theft, while ensuring a highly safe environment for employees, vendors and visitors.
  • Wireless nurse call systems: For the medical profession, centralized wireless nurse call and patient monitoring systems that enhance patient safety, security and comfort are available. These systems are expandable as necessary and can be integrated with other patient safety and monitoring equipment, as well as building security systems and fire alarm monitoring devices. Features include wireless notifications for doctors and nurses, timing monitors and reminders that tell staff when tasks need to be performed.Not only do nurse call systems encourage an improved patient experience, but they relieve nurses and doctors from a measure of repetitive checking and recording, so they are freed up to ultimately offer a higher level of patient care and health services. Further, medical facilities may choose to combine direct patient services to optional services like monitoring exit doors, wandering patient recording and incontinence pad services. Hand-held devices alert medical personnel of upcoming tasks and emergencies, and some models allow personnel to speak into the device to communicate directly with patients. The ultimate in flexibility and monitoring, wireless nurse call systems take the best of patient care combined with 21st-century technology.

Consider an integrated fire and security system or a combined networked system when you’re in the market to enhance your commercial building protection.

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