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Suppression System

Image of suppression system partsThe security industry is quickly moving towards a world of networked devices that offer lower operating costs, a certain simplicity of operation, and superior return on your investment. Sobieski Life Safety is uniquely positioned as one of the few system integrators in the region, qualified to create a scalable solution using the newest technologies that can easily reside within your current IT infrastructure.

Suppression System

The safety and security of your business is always top of mind when locking up at night. Sobieski Life Safety understands this. We will help you get a sound night’s sleep by making sure you have a well–designed security solution. Let Sobieski Life Safety survey your business today, free of charge, and then design a system that provides the security you want and the peace of mind you need.

suppression system

Fire Alarm Annunciators

Security is important to some companies and an absolute necessity for others. Sobieski Life Safety uses the latest intrusion detection technology to offer businesses of all sizes the best burglary protection possible. These systems are optimized for integration with CCTV and biometric access control solutions.

fire alarm annunciator

Access Control

Sobieski Life Safety offers advanced biometric access control systems that provide for maximum protection, versatility, simple operation, low cost and low maintenance – all while helping to limit your company’s exposure to corporate liability, employee theft, workplace violence, and access to high security areas.

Companies of all sizes can benefit by adding simple-to-use and highly effective biometric access controls for their businesses. Sobieski Life Safety can incorporate fingerprint readers, retinal scanning, card swipe readers, and full hand geometry into any fully integrated access control suppression system.

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Wireless Nurse Call Systems

Whether you have a single facility or a large campus of buildings, Sobieski Life Safety can integrate multiple patient monitoring systems into one centralized wireless system to help doctors and nursing staff enjoy higher levels flexibility and mobility while improving patient care and monitoring. Easily expandable, these wireless systems can also integrate with smoke detectors, emergency pull stations, wandering patient transmitters, exit doors, incontinence pads, and many other optional devices. Doctors and nurses can choose from multiple wireless devices and cell phones to receive alarm notification and even talk with the patient in their room via our unique hands-free feature. The system can be configured to escalate alarms until resolved. Patient Information and Call Analysis reports provide powerful tools that log, organize and analyze patient call data, response times and staffing projections. Other optional features include the ability to monitor any patient who is not up and around by a selected time, remind staff to give medications, bed-turn notification, or other tasks.

image of home nurse providing care

Surveillance Systems

Sobieski Life Safety offers a wide range of high–tech solid state cameras combined with digital video recorders to create a closed circuit TV system for your business. These systems can operate in extremely low light conditions and still provide excellent coverage and clarity. Combined with fully articulating cameras with pan and tilt and remote access from anywhere, you can take control over your premises like never before. Companies both large and small can benefit from our well–designed surveillance systems to monitor and manage the risks of today’s business environment. These easy–to–use systems are successfully working right now to help our customers reduce theft, workplace violence, and even protect them from fraudulent liability and workers’ compensation claims.

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