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Steps to Replacing Your Home’s Sewer Line

There are times when your clogged toilet just won’t clear out with that trusty plunger, and nothing seems to free it up. That’s when it’s time to contact your trusted professional plumber and have the real problem diagnosed. Sending a plumbing snake down the line may clear up an obstruction, but sometimes the problem is even beyond that, and a small camera must be sent in to see what the real issue is.

If it becomes necessary to replace your home’s sewer line, it will probably be a relatively expensive repair, but the high cost isn’t usually attributable to the necessary repairs, but to restoring any yard work conditions that were disrupted.

Here’s what to expect: Replacing the Sewer Line

  • First it is necessary to determine the precise problem, if necessary by using the camera. That way there’s no guesswork, and no unnecessary repairs will be done.
  • Your home’s sewer line will almost always be located several feet below the lawn, and maybe the garden as well. That will have to be excavated by a qualified professional, to make the sewer line accessible. If it’s underneath the driveway, a concrete driveway would have to be jack-hammered apart.
  • Replace the damaged pipe if that turns out to be the problem. It could also be that tree roots have compromised the line, and they would have to be dealt with. It might be possible in your case that the ‘slip lining’ technique can be used to repair any damage. This consists of inserting a new sewer line inside the old one, rather than actually repairing the old one.
  • Any lawn or driveway damage that was done in order to access the sewer line will then have to be restored afterward, including any expensive landscaping that was disrupted.

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