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Closed Circuit TV Enhances Building Security

Closed-Circuit TVYou want to keep your facility safe and secure, but you and your security personnel are limited in the number of locations, activities and people you can monitor at once. Large manufacturing or industrial facilities have many processes occurring at the same time, with dozens or even hundreds of people entering and leaving the facility. Business and educational campuses can have many geographically separate buildings and areas that require constant surveillance to prevent problems. Even a small retail business can have several blind spots where shoplifting and vandalism can occur. In these types of circumstances, a closed-circuit TV (CCTV) system provides the ability to check and monitor many areas at the same time, expanding your security team’s ability to keep a watchful eye on your business even if they can’t be there in person.

A closed-circuit TV system consists of a network of cameras connected to a one or a series of television-like monitors that return video feeds from each camera. Unlike a regular TV, the video signals are not broadcast to a wide audience, but instead are restricted to the monitoring system by dedicated wiring or wireless transmission. No one outside the closed circuit containing the video feeds should be able to view images from any of the cameras. CCTV systems usually include the ability to record and store the video feeds, either digitally or on traditional videotape, for later review by managers, security personnel or law enforcement officers.

With a closed-circuit TV system, you and your security team can view and monitor areas within or outside your office, retail establishment, manufacturing plant, or another facility. You will be able to carefully observe locations where security and safety could be compromised by trespassing, theft, vandalism, potential violence, fraud, misconduct or accidents. Applications of closed-circuit TV surveillance include:

  • Monitoring entry and exit points for unauthorized personnel
  • Checking outside walls, perimeter fences, windows or other locations where unauthorized and illegal access to your facility could be made
  • Watching docks, delivery points and warehouses to ensure the safety of personnel, proper handling of goods and materials and following of correct procedures
  • Watching blind spots around your facility where individuals could conceal themselves to engage in misconduct or where unauthorized activities could occur
  • Distinguishing between actual problems and false alarms that can occasionally occur with your security and alarm system
  • Monitoring dangerous areas or hazardous processes from a safe distance
  • Observing customers to spot suspicious activity or identify shoplifters

The obvious presence of a closed-circuit TV monitoring system can help reduce theft, shoplifting and vandalism in retail stores. In a manufacturing or industrial facility, a CCTV can ensure that proper procedures are being followed and that the facility is as secure as possible. On a large and sprawling campus, a closed-circuit TV system can enhance student or personnel safety and reassure them that the area is being watched to help prevent problems and allow police or security teams to respond to incidents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Other benefits of closed-circuit TV monitoring and surveillance systems can include:

  • Real-time observation and monitoring that allows immediate response by security or emergency personnel
  • Software applications that let you or other authorized personnel view CCTV video feeds and control cameras remotely via an Internet connection
  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance capability using sturdy, weatherproof cameras
  • Flexibility and scalability that lets you add or remove cameras, television monitors, recording devices and functions as needed

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