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Two Duct Cleaning Benefits That Deserve Your Attention

TwoWhile most people enjoy living in a clean home, years can pass by before their central duct system is cleaned, allowing dust, mold and other contaminants to potentially develop unnoticed. Duct cleaning benefits you and your home in a couple ways that are certainly worth consideration. While routine treatment of your system isn’t generally required, having it taken care of occasionally may be a good idea considering the value doing so has.

1. Healthier environment – Breathing clean air is certainly one of the more attractive duct cleaning benefits. The dark spaces of a central duct system can sometimes provide the perfect breeding ground for mold and fungi if moisture is present. Since you can’t always see whether or not microbial growth is developing in your system, you may not be aware when this kind of contaminated air is flowing throughout your home. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that exposure to such contaminants can bring on allergic reactions or other symptoms in some people. Excessive amounts of dust is not good for human health either and can build up in your duct system to be released into your indoor air.

2. Improved efficiency – The unwanted growth and debris that may be sitting in your duct system can also inhibit proper airflow. If you have your heating and cooling system components cleaned as well, your system can function more efficiently, which can lead to savings on your energy bills.

Duct cleaning can be particularly important when you have visible mold growth, an insect or rodent infestation or if there’s a heavy amount of dust in the ducts.

If you’re curious about duct cleaning benefits, contact the experts at Sobieski Services. We can take care of your duct system in a two-step process that involves cleaning and decontaminating, as well as protection against recontamination. We use the latest technology to thoroughly remove unwanted dust and pollutants.

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