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Duct Cleaning: Have You Ever Looked Inside Your Ductwork?

Donald DuckDuctwork, like any part of your home, can become dirty due to smoke, dust, and other debris both from within the house and from outside it. While the contaminants may not pose an immediate health threat, there are circumstances under which you may want to have your ducts cleaned.

Circumstances that may necessitate duct cleaning:

  • If rodents infiltrate the ductwork
  • Evidence of mold growth
  • Remodeling or construction that kicked up a lot of dust and debris

Methods Used to Clean Air Ducts
Duct cleaning refers not only to the cleaning of the supply and return ducts, but also to the cleaning of the fan motor, fan housing, drip pans, among other parts of a forced-air system. A trained technician will inspect the entire system, and to do this they will have to open all access doors. They will be looking for evidence of asbestos or materials containing it. They will then use special cleaning equipment such as a high-efficiency vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris. They may follow this up with the application of chemicals to kill microbes within the system.

How to Determine if Your Ducts Need To Be Cleaned
Periodic duct cleaning may be worthwhile simply because ducts do eventually accumulate dirt, but there is no reason to believe that it will be particularly beneficial to the air quality within your home. Apart from this, if you can see mold growing on your ducts or other HVAC components, you may want to consider duct cleaning.

The Results of Having Ducts Cleaned
The heat exchanger surface should look clean, as should the blower blades. Fiberglass material should not have any tears and the fins on the condenser should all be straight. All the air vents should be back in place.

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