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You Know It’s Time To Have Your Ducts Cleaned When…

When was the last time you had your air ducts cleaned? Your ductwork is an important component of your HVAC system. Particles like dust, dirt and even mold naturally build up in your ductwork over time, and this can cause reduced efficiency, less comfort and poor indoor air quality.

Ducts are usually constructed of sheet metal. The smooth surface facilitates easy airflow and contributes to overall savings, comfort and efficiency. If layers of dirt and dust accumulate and adhere to the sheet metal, the system can become less efficient.

Mold and microorganisms especially can be issues in dirty ductwork. If mold spores are growing anywhere in your home, they can get into your heating and cooling equipment, as well as your ductwork. Mold can then be distributed to all the rooms of your house, causing health problems and structural damage.

Here are some clues that it could be time to have your ducts cleaned:

  • Moldy or musty smells are coming from registers and vents or in certain rooms.
  • Excessive quantities of dust are piling up on household surfaces or filling your air.
  • Family members are suffering ongoing health problems, such as allergies, skin irritations or respiratory trouble.
  • You have recently remodeled any part of your home or taken on construction work.
  • Three or more years have passed since your last duct cleaning.
  • Your home is near active farming fields or a busy highway.
  • Your home includes pets or small children.

More than your ducts are involved in a thorough duct cleaning. For example, it’s also important to clean the vents and components of the HVAC system itself, such as the heat exchanger, coils and air handler. If there is even a bit of mold in a small part of the system, the entire system can be re-contaminated.

It’s also important to hire a highly trained contractor to clean your air ducts. Because of the possibility of dangerous contaminants, careless cleaning methods can compromise your indoor air as much as dirty ductwork. Call Sobieski Services today to have your equipment inspected and schedule a cleaning.

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