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Hydro Jetting Ensures Free-Flowing Plumbing Pipes

Tropical WaterfallDrainage problems and clogged plumbing are an ongoing fact of life for homeowners. Many methods of drain clearing are available, ranging from chemical agents that dissolve clogs to mechanical systems that literally drill through blockages and break them up. In cases of serious clogs deep in your plumbing system, hydro jetting might be your best option for clearing your pipes and restoring the water flow.

Hydro jetting uses powerful blasts of pressurized water to scour away the clogs in your drains. Whether the blockages consist of paper, grease, sludge, hair, accumulated soap and dirt, or even tree roots that have invaded the drain pipes, hydro jetting can cut through them and clear the pipes.

If your plumbing system blockage is minor or not located too deeply within the drain pipes, a chemical cleaner or a simple plunger might be enough to loosen the clog. A bigger blockage may require a drain auger or plumber’s snake that’s worked a few feet into the pipes to physically break loose a blockage. If the clog is larger or deeper in the system, a power rodding system may be needed. Power rodding uses a cutting device on the end of a long, flexible metal cable that is fed into the pipes while a motor turns the cable and cutting head.

For cases where these options are ineffective, hydro jetting can provide an even more powerful option. The hydro jet system delivers water at a rate of up to 3500 psi, which can safely clean pipes while punching through large, stubborn clogs. Hydro jet systems are available for smaller pipes, such as sink and shower drains, and for larger mainline drain systems.

This type of pipe cleaning system is appropriate both as a maintenance procedure to prevent clogs and as a powerful method of removing existing blockages.

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