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Did You Know Your Plumbing System Needs A Tune-Up?

LizardDid you know that your plumbing system occasionally needs a tuneup? Most homeowners are aware that their HVAC system needs regular maintenance, but their plumbing system often gets overlooked.

Plumbing tuneups are best performed by a professional. While there are some things you can do, a qualified technician is trained to notice telltale clues that something is amiss. During a plumbing tuneup, a technician is likely to:

  • Look for signs of leaks in pipes that are exposed.
  • Test the water pressure. Low pressure may mean there is sediment in the lines, while pressure that is too high can lead to breakdowns in the system.
  • Check each drain, sink or shower for rapid drainage. A clear drain will have a full swirl while draining.
  • Check toilets for leaks, and to see if there are any worn or broken parts.
  • Check for any broken or cracked tiles around sinks, showers or close to pipes. These could be a signal of past or present water damage that may need attention.
  • Check the burner chamber of the water heater for signs of rust and flakes, and also check for proper flame.
  • Check for leaks around faucet handles when turned on.
  • Check washer hoses for signs of deterioration or leaks.

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