01-24-2022 Newsletter – Sobieski Services | DE, NJ, PA, MD
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Is One of the Rooms in Your Home Keeping You Cold?

If there’s at least one room or area of your home that never seems to get warm enough during the winter, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, most houses in the DE, MD, PA, and NJ region aren’t consistently heated throughout. So what can be causing that cold spit in your home and what should you do to resolve the problem once and for all?

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Stop Sneezing with these Indoor Air Quality Tips

If you find that you’re sneezing indoors, you may need to look to your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). IAQ in the typical American home is often as bad or worse than that found outdoors. Airtight construction of newer homes my be a key factor in promoting a buildup of pollutants, leading to allergies and other breathing problems.

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