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Which Room Doesn’t Match the Rest of Your House?

If there’s at least one room or area of your home that never seems to get warm enough during the winter, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, most houses in the DE, MD, PA and NJ region aren’t consistently heated throughout. So what can be causing that cold spot in your home and what should you do to resolve the problem once and for all?

Is Your Furnace Sized Properly?

Often the HVAC issue that leads to some rooms being colder than the rest relates to the size of your furnace. It may seem like having a furnace that’s bigger will be better, but that’s not the case.

An oversized furnace will quickly heat up your home, but not evenly. Some areas will remain cold while others get too hot and cause the furnace to switch off. If your furnace is constantly switching on and off, this likely means it’s oversized for your home. Not only do oversized furnaces cause discomfort, but their efficiency is also greatly reduced and usually end up failing prematurely.

An undersized furnace, on the other hand, has to work harder to keep your home temperature at a comfortable level. During extremely cold weather it can run constantly without achieving that comfort level. While running with such intensity, parts tend to wear down more rapidly, losing their efficiency before breaking down entirely.

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The Importance of Furnace Sizing

In order to maintain comfort in each room and area of your home, your furnace needs to be properly sized. The most efficient way to calculate what capacity furnace your home requires is with a Manual J load calculation.

Sobieski uses the widely accepted Manual J method, which takes into account the many ways your home produces heat, or its heating load and the amount of heat the furnace must produce to create a comfortable space. This method includes accounting for your home’s square footage, design, insulation, heat gain from windows and air leakage to adequately calculate the capacity of the heating system you’ll need.

Unfortunately, many contractors don’t take the time to perform these calculations, and without including these factors, the capacity of your new furnace might not match your home’s heating needs — meaning that it’s oversized or undersized.

Get Comfortable in Your DE, MD, PA or NJ Home

In order for your house to be warm in every room during the winter, your furnace needs to be appropriately sized. At Sobieski, our HVAC experts never cut corners in assessing what your home needs. We always ensure you’re getting the right furnace for your home and your needs. With furnace installation from Sobieski, every area of your home will be comfortable in the colder months.

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