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Without Whole-House Humidifier Maintenance, You’ll Lower Return on Investment

CondensationWhole-house humidifier maintenance is critical when winter weather comes around. While the Environmental Protection Agency recommends indoor humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent, infiltration of dry winter air and the dehumidifying effect of forced-air furnaces can push humidity down into the discomfort zone this time of year. The whole-house humidifier in your HVAC ductwork treats all the air in your home all the time as it circulates through the ducts. These reliable units have few moving parts but require professional attention to the humidifying components for optimum performance.

A whole-house humidifier maintenance call from your HVAC contractor includes these services:

  • Replacement of the water panel – The perforated water panel absorbs water and disperses water vapor when exposed to airflow in the ductwork. Over time, the tiny perforations in the panel will become clogged from hard water deposits, reducing the efficiency of the process. Depending on the hardness of the local municipal water supply, the water panel in a whole-house humidifier should be changed at least annually.
  • Clean or replace the water orifice – The orifice at the end of the water supply line precisely meters the amount of water dispersed on the water panel for correct humidification. Reduced water supply due to an obstructed orifice will diminish the effectiveness of the humidifier. An HVAC technician will clear a partially plugged orifice or replace it entirely if the component is completely plugged with mineral deposits.
  • Check and adjust the level – Proper leveling of a whole-house humidifier is critical to satisfactory results. A unit that’s slightly tilted causes uneven distribution of water across the water panel. This reduces water vapor introduced into the air and decreases the humidifying capacity of the unit. A technician will check the level and correct it if necessary.
  • Verify drain operation – Surplus water draining off the water panel is routed to a household drain by a 1/2-inch drain tube. Proper maintenance includes verifying the drain function to avoid leaks or overflow.

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