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Get Whole-House Humidification Without The Work

When it comes to superior home comfort, healthier air to breathe and savings all year long, it’s tough to beat whole-house humidification.

Why Humidify?

Humidifiers are excellent systems for preventing damage to property and adverse health reactions to dry indoor air, especially during the heating months when dry air is most problematic. Properly humidified air increases your family’s home comfort by optimizing your heating and cooling system’s climate-control efficiency. Properly humidified air also helps to alleviate health and respiratory issues that dry air exacerbates, like dry skin and sinuses, nose bleeds, itchy eyes and the spread of viruses and bacteria.

What Are The Options?

The two options for home-humidification equipment are whole-house humidifiers and portable humidifiers. A whole-house humidifier is attached to your heating and cooling system, and utilizes the same ductwork to achieve whole-house humidification, worry-free. Portable humidifiers have a humidifying range of a single room at best, and require daily monitoring.

Whole-House Vs. Portable

A portable humidifier is akin to a small space heater failing to heat your entire home. A whole-house humidifier is akin to your furnace/air handler system, which actually does heat your entire home.

Here are a few more comparisons of whole-house humidifiers (WHHs) vs portable humidifiers (PHs):

  • WHHs save utility costs by allowing you to lower the thermostat a few degrees, as humidified air feels warmer than dryer air of the same temperature. PHs are the opposite; they consume energy with no savings benefits.
  • WHHs protect porous materials in your home, such as hardwood floors, furnishings, artwork and woodwork, from dry-air damage. PHs do not.
  • WHHs constantly monitor the humidity in your home and adjust accordingly, like the thermostat for your furnace/air handler adjusts heating/cooling. Many PHs do not have the capacity to monitor even a small room.
  • WHHs are relatively low-maintenance, requiring only simple cleaning or water panel replacement once or twice per year. Many PHs must be cleaned weekly to prevent the units from spreading mold and bacteria, and the water must be manually refilled.

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