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What To Expect From A Drain Cleaning Appointment

Toy Octopus in DrainProfessional drain cleaning is about more than just clearing clogs. Very often, a clogged drain is simply the localized consequence of more widespread dysfunctional plumbing. In cases like these, many do-it-yourself methods may provide only temporary solutions at best. At worst, harsh chemicals and/or unskilled use of mechanical drain-opening devices may permanently damage pipes and require expensive repair. A professional drain cleaning will clear the immediate clog as well as address systemic problems to prevent a recurrence.

Here’s what to expect from a typical professional drain cleaning procedure:

  • The technician will evaluate the general state of the plumbing. He or she will check the age of the pipes, estimate the extent of the clog and determine how many drains are affected. In many cases, the pro will insert a micro video camera attached to a fiber optic cable into the pipe in order to visually examine the clog and the condition of the plumbing adjacent to it.
  • After the clog has been located and identified, the most effective method of clearing the clog and cleaning the drain can be determined. Where the pipe is only partially obstructed, high-pressure water jetting will remove the clog as well as residue inside the pipe that may have created the conditions for the clog to form.
  • More severe clogs may call for professional mechanical drain opening equipment. Not to be confused with common drain snakes, these are precision tools with blades sized to the exact diameter of your plumbing. The cutting action clears the clog and cleans residue from the internal surface of the pipe to prevent a recurrence.
  • After the drain is open, the technician may recommend regular use of non-corrosive, biodegradable treatments to discourage the buildup of residue and maintain a clog-free environment inside the plumbing.

Sobieski Services keeps your drains healthy and open with professional drain cleaning techniques.

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