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UV Lights: Is Your Furnace Screaming For Help?

Are you ready to spend the winter inside with germs, bacteria and possibly mold? With tightly sealed energy efficient homes comes the potential for a high concentration on any of these offending problems. The furnace, where air recirculates, is the natural breeding ground for these health threats unless you are protected with the advantage of UV lights.

Why UV lights?

Ultraviolet light (UV) is a naturally occurring light given off by the sun. It can also be produced artificially and has been for many years. UV lights are also called germicidal lights because of the particular ability to destroy microorganisms. Hospitals, nursing homes, public and private schools and laboratories that require sterile environments have used UV lights for years to improve indoor air quality. When combined with the heating and cooling equipment, the lights attack any germs or organisms that can cause human health problems, including allergies and asthma-related issues.

In your home, air is circulated through your furnace many times a day. With a UV light, air passes under the light, exposing the organisms to the ultraviolet radiation. As it passes, the light either kills the microorganism or alters its DNA so that it cannot reproduce. Either way, the germs, mold spores and bacteria become harmless after exposure to the light.

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