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Making UV Lights Part Of Your Clean-Air Strategy

PollenThough it might be hard to believe, the air inside your home is often more polluted than the air right outside. This is because germs are able to thrive and spread through your air system. But by incorporating ultraviolet (UV) lights into your clean-air strategy, you can eliminate this hazardous threat and drastically improve your indoor air quality.

UV lights work by emitting a low level of UV radiation that instantly alters the DNA of microorganisms like fungi, bacteria and viruses that pass through it. This light is harmless to you but purifies your air of these dangerous contaminants.

You can incorporate UV lights into your air system by having a UV lamp installed. These are positioned so that every last bit of air that gets circulated in your air system is exposed, making them incredibly efficient. Even when your air system is not operating, the light will continue to cleanse air that is passing through.

Ultraviolet lights are so efficient that many hospitals have incorporated them into their air systems. They have been proven effective at thwarting the advance of even the most contagious diseases such as tuberculosis. Fortunately, they are affordable enough to be harnessed in any home or commercial space.

While they can play a huge role in your clean-air strategy, it is important to understand the limitations of ultraviolet light. They only target living pollutants, not things like dust or pollen. But, used in tandem with high-efficiency air filters, UV lights help homeowners create the highest quality indoor air possible.

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