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Using Ultraviolet Lights To Neutralize Microorganisms In Your Home

Vader with SaberIf keeping your home clean and safe for your family is important to you, using ultraviolet (UV) lights can help. Having clean indoor air can protect your family from illness and breathing difficulties. No matter how much you clean each room, however, your air will never be completely clean unless you tackle your ductwork.

Air that moves through your ducts not only carries dust, but also bacteria, germs, fungi and mold. These can take up residence in your ducts and grow, so as new air passes through your ducts, these microorganisms travel into your living space. Duct cleanings can help with this problem, but they shouldn’t be done frequently. Using ultraviolet lights to clean the air in your ducts, however, can help eliminate the microorganisms growing in your ducts in between cleanings.

Using ultraviolet lights can protect you and your family from bacteria, germs, mold and other microorganisms. The UV lights cause mutation in DNA, which weakens the microorganisms and keeps them from reproducing. They die off quickly, preventing them from getting into the air you breathe. The microorganisms pass through your ducts in the air coming from your HVAC system, blowing past the ultraviolet lights. When the ultraviolet light reaches the microorganisms, they are killed or disabled so that they will no longer cause problems.

Although ultraviolet light wavelengths can be dangerous, they can only cause problems if you are directly exposed to them. We are protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays by the ozone layer, which absorbs the most harmful levels of these rays. Ultraviolet lights used to clean ducts are installed directly in the ducts, keeping them away from any direct contact with your family. They are a safe, effective way to eliminate sources of illness and breathing difficulties in your home.

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