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Allergies: Surefire Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Girl with TissueHere in the Wilmington, DE and West Chester, PA area, pollen levels can be high through the spring and summer months, and indoor dust and dander levels are typically high as well. Asthma sufferers and those with any predisposition toward allergic irritation are likely to be uncomfortable without effective help. If you suffer from allergies, any surefire ways to improve indoor air quality are worth considering.

Mold spores, as well as pollen, migrate indoors, joining the partial remains of dead dust mites and dander from cats and dogs that are already inside. Escaping the symptoms very often means escaping the causes, and that means air filtration. Here are two points to consider when it comes to improving your home’s indoor air quality and reducing summer allergies:

  • HEPA: The abbreviation HEPA stands for high-efficiency particle arrestor — a type of air filter that outperforms all others marketed to the general public. The best commonly available HEPA filters remove 99.97 percent of all contamination that passes through them, right down to molecules we experience as smells, such as tobacco smoke.
  • Application: HEPA filters are also available as free-standing appliances. These units perform effectively in a single room, but as soon as the door is opened all their work is undone. Further, no matter how many free-standing units you have, there’s always the risk of walking into pockets of untreated, allergen-filled air. Whole-house units are far more effective and — because they’re fitted as part of your pre-existing HVAC installation — they’re discrete, too, as they’re typically located in the attic where the rest of the system resides.

It’s also worth remembering that dust mites like darkness; they hate bright sunlight, so keeping the curtains or blinds open can bring down their numbers considerably.

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