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Troubleshooting Toilet Problems

Toilet and PaperEven minor toilet problems aren’t something to ignore. Wait too long to make repairs and the problem could worsen, leaving you with water damage in your bathroom. By troubleshooting toilet problems before you call an expert, you’ll be able to provide information that could make the job faster for the repair person and therefore cheaper for you.

  • Problem: Water runs constantly. This indicates a problem with the tank float ball or flush valve. If lifting the float ball arm stops the water from running, the ball isn’t rising high enough to do its job of stopping the water flow. You may need to bend the float arm slightly to prevent the float ball from rubbing the side of the tank. If this doesn’t help, the guidewire that controls the float ball may be misaligned. The problem could also be chemical residue buildup around the flush valve, float ball decay or another issue requiring plumbing maintenance.
  • Problem: The tank refills slowly. This suggests there’s a problem with the float valve. In this case, you may also notice water entering the overflow tube or leaking from the float valve cap or from around the plunger.
  • Problem: Flush power is low. You could have mineral buildup in the main flushing jet or the jets in the rim of the bowl. Although you may be able to remove the buildup yourself, consider calling an expert who has the proper cleaning chemicals and tools to do the job without damaging the porcelain.
  • Problem: Water leaks around the toilet base. This may indicate you need a wax ring replacement or replacement of other sealing material. The connection between the tank and bowl is another potential leak source.

Some problems have multiple potential causes, and addressing the wrong issue may only make the problem worse. To get the problem solved quickly and correctly, call in an expert.

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