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Show Your Toilet Some Love With A Wax Ring Replacement

Heart on IceIs your toilet wobbly or do you notice unsavory sewer-like odors in your bathroom? It might be time to consider a toilet flange wax ring replacement. Though this may sound like a big deal, it’s actually a fairly elementary job for a trained plumber.

In short, the toilet flange is what connects the toilet to the plumbing that leads to the sewer system under your home. The wax ring keeps the harmful materials from entering your house via the toilet’s flange. For this important reason, the wax ring needs to be in proper working condition so your bathroom stays clean and healthy.

To replace the toilet flange and wax ring, a plumber will remove the toilet from the floor and apply a new wax ring that fits on the discharge outlet in the floor beneath the toilet. He or she will then re-attach your toilet and run a putty or chalk along the toilet base.

One of the more common issues to require a toilet flange wax ring replacement is an unstable toilet, which often occurs when the screws holding the toilet down break due to excess moisture. When the toilet then starts to wobble, the wax ring breaks.

Always pay attention if your toilet starts incessantly wobbling and/or smelling bad. This will help keep your home safe, sanitary and void of escaped sewer gases.

For more expert advice on toilet flange wax ring replacement, contact the professionals at Sobieski Services.

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