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Thinking About A Plumbing Service Agreement? Tasks Your Plumber Will Perform

Pen on PaperIf not regularly maintained, even a new plumbing system can develop clogs, leaks and other problems. Routine maintenance prevents most of these issues, but plumbing maintenance is easy to forget when you’re busy. A plumbing service agreement takes the chore off your hands, saving you time and extending the life of your equipment.

To keep the plumbing in your area home running smoothly, your plumber will:

Check your drains

To prevent clogs and backups, your plumber will clean your drains and perform other routine drain maintenance. This includes video inspection and, if necessary, rootering to remove any developing blockages.

Look for leaks

Your plumber will check for leaks around faucets and exposed hot and cold water lines, including the pipes under your sinks and your washing machine hoses. Even your outdoor hose bibs will be checked.

Check the toilets

Toilets can develop wasteful leaks that aren’t easy to see. Plumbing professionals use dye to detect these leaks. Your plumber will also test the flushing action and adjust the float ball, flapper and overflow tube for optimal water efficiency.

Inspect your water heater

Routine maintenance through a plumbing service agreement keeps your water heater running safely and efficiently. If you have an electric water heater, your plumber will ensure the elements and thermostats are working correctly. For gas water heaters, your plumber will inspect and clean the burner and ignition and check for gas leaks.

For either type of water heater, a plumbing expert will inspect the wiring and check for leaks, including drain valve leaks, a common source of problems. For safety, the temperature and pressure relief valve, and the emergency cut-off valve will be tested.

Typically with a service agreement, you’ll also enjoy additional savings on services, repairs and upgrades, as well as avoid overtime fees.

If you’re not sure whether a plumbing service agreement is right for you, talk with us Sobieski Services. We’ll help you choose the best approach to caring for your plumbing. Our goal is to help educate our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC & plumbing systems).

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