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Plumbing Maintenance Agreement: What to Expect

Pen and shadowA plumbing maintenance agreement protects you from the plumbing issues you already know about and those that may strike unexpectedly in an emergency. Nagging faucet drips cause annoyance in the short term, however, they can waste thousands of gallons of water over a year’s time. Tiny, inconspicuous dribbles from supply lines are often early warning signs of corrosion that may result in catastrophic leaks causing major property damage.

Staying ahead of maintenance issues that extend the life of your plumbing and fixtures, as well as having fast repairs when necessary, requires a plan that offers regular inspections and priority service when you call in an emergency. A good plumbing maintenance agreement will also be customizable to your needs and price preferences.

Here’s what to expect from a standard plumbing maintenance check:

  • Visual inspection of pipes for leaks and signs of corrosion, including discoloration around fittings and water stains on flooring behind pipework.
  • Inspection of plumbing fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers, noting drainage and flushing speed, seals around each fixture and more.
  • Review of larger equipment like water heaters, boilers and washing machines, checking for cracks, leaks or noises. Preventive annual service on water heaters and boilers should also be performed.
  • Drain inspection to remedy slow or smelly drains, along with issues resulting in backup or gurgling.

Contact Sobieski Services for more details about the protection and peace of mind provided by a plumbing maintenance agreement.

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