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Sewer System Care: Learn 3 Techniques That Root Out Problems

Sewer CoverSewer system care corrects many common problems and, better yet, prevents even more. Many major problems down the line show only subtle signs — or none at all — early on, when they may often be corrected by simple techniques. Advances in technology have armed your plumbing professional with an array of options that allow the technician to diagnose and repair sewer and drain problems with many noninvasive procedures. These often prove to be the most economical alternatives, as well.

Sewer system care

Simply unclogging a stopped pipe often addresses a short-term symptom without dealing with the larger cause. Removing a clog from a drain without more comprehensive drain cleaning is usually a temporary measure, as clogs tend to recur chronically in drains and sewers that need cleaning. Specialized equipment sized to the exact dimensions of your plumbing cleans the entire drain path in the process of opening up clogs. This removes the sludge that often provides the foundation for clogs that obstruct the free flow of water.

  • Hydro jetting is considered the gold standard for drain cleaning. Using a stream of high-pressure water as the drain cleaning instrument, a hydro jet machine sized to your plumbing pipes forces water through the drain system at velocities high enough to remove all clogs, including grease, hair, paper and silt. It performs preventive maintenance, as well, by flushing out pipe sludge that may accumulate to blockages in the future. Hydro jetting can also be used in the larger sewer line to remove roots.
  • Video technology facilitates accurate leak location and diagnosis of the obstruction and serves as an important tool in knowing how to clear it. Today’s plumbing technician can visually inspect a clog deep in your pipes without digging a trench or opening up a wall. A tiny video camera attached to fiber optic cable is threaded into the plumbing system to identify the clog’s location and the best method to remove it.

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