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Make a Plan for Commercial A/C Replacement

Commercial Factory and BuildingsWhen the air conditioner in your business facility starts showing signs of wearing out, it’s time to make plans for commercial A/C replacement. A detailed and well-constructed replacement plan will help you be prepared in case of unexpected system failure and the need for emergency replacement. Here are some of the more important factors to consider when planning for commercial A/C replacement.

In a commercial setting, it’s best to install an air conditioning system that’s as efficient as possible. A/C efficiency will have a substantial effect on the amount of money you spend on energy and indoor comfort every month.

Newer air conditioning systems are considerably more efficient than their counterparts from a few decades ago, often using half as much energy to produce the same amount of cooling as older models. Look for units with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). Commercial units commonly have SEER numbers between 13 and 18.

Choosing the proper air conditioner for your facility involves not only consideration of the unit’s efficiency but also its size. This doesn’t refer to its physical dimensions; instead, sizing a commercial A/C replacement involves consideration of the system’s cooling capacity.

The unit must have enough power to produce the amount of cooling your facility needs.

  • If the replacement air conditioner is too small, it won’t be able to produce enough cooling to keep your commercial area comfortable. There are likely to be areas of inconsistent cooling that are warmer or cooler than other areas in your building. Undersized units also have to work harder to keep up with temperature demands, which puts considerable wear and tear on them. Air conditioners that are overworked tend to break down more often and will have a significantly shortened useful life.
  • If the replacement air conditioner is too large, it will produce too much cooling and waste energy and money. It won’t be able to remove sufficient amounts of humidity in your indoor areas.

Proper sizing of a commercial A/C replacement requires a commercial load calculation to determine the amount of cooling your facility needs. Ask your local trusted HVAC contractor to perform this calculation. It will require an inspection of your commercial building, but this will allow the contractor the opportunity to evaluate and account for the many thermal and structural characteristics of your building.

Make sure the load calculation is performed according to accepted HVAC industry standards and procedures, such as those contained in the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual N, “Commercial Load Calculation.”

Commercial-grade air conditioners are larger than residential models and are usually installed on the roof of your building. Proper installation is required to ensure the system runs properly and safely, providing the correct amount of cooling throughout your facility without being a hazard. Make sure your commercial A/C replacement system is installed by a qualified and knowledgeable HVAC professional.

Commercial A/C installation should include:

  • Correct placement of unit (rooftop or otherwise) to ensure proper operation, reduce risk of damage and limit the effects of weather and the elements.
  • Proper installation of electrical components to ensure safe operation and minimize potential electrical hazards.
  • Correct refrigerant charge.
  • Proper adjustment and calibration of all system controls and components.
  • Correct placement of the condensing unit, ductwork and thermostat.
  • Inspection and repair of ductwork system to ensure there are no air leaks, loose or missing ductwork segments, or other problems that could lead to costly air and energy loss.
  • Revision of ductwork, if necessary, to ensure enough supply and return ducts for correct system operation and to ensure the ducts are properly sized and configured for best efficiency.

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