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A Lennox Dual-Fuel System: A Heat Pump & Gas Furnace For Efficiency

Heat pumps are an ideal system for homeowners in the greater Wilmington area. However, when temperatures drop below freezing, they can become energy hogs. A dual-fuel system is an even better heating solution because it combines a heat pump with a gas furnace for optimal results. In the Wilmington and surrounding areas, consumers are turning to Sobieski Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, a Lennox Premier Dealer, for home heating and cooling needs, and for the best in dual-fuel systems, Sobieski offers the Dave Lennox Signature Collection XP21 Heat Pump with the G61V High-Efficiency Gas Furnace for peak efficiency.

When you choose a Lennox dual-fuel system, you can choose to combine any Lennox heat pump and gas furnace; however, the XP21 and the G61V are ideal, due to their energy savings and comfort. Here’s how it works.

The XP21 Heat Pump operates at a heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) rating of 9.5, so it’s a high-efficiency heat pump, and its capacity for energy savings doubles that of a standard heat pump. With quiet operations, solar-ready capabilities, and an Energy Star label, this heat pump operates efficiently in temperatures above freezing, netting the homeowners who use them energy savings in milder temperatures. For the Northeast region, where temperatures above 30 degrees occur throughout a majority of the winter season, that means significant energy savings.

When temperatures begin to drop, the dual-fuel system will adjust and draw on the G61V High-Efficiency Gas Furnace to provide heating, which does so more efficiently than a heat pump at lower temperatures. The G61V has an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 95 percent, so you’ll experience just a 5 percent loss of energy over the season when it is in use.

A dual-fuel system combines the best of both worlds: an efficient heat pump over the majority of winter days, and a secondary high-efficiency gas furnace for colder temperatures. The result? An efficient heating source that ensures your comfort.

For all your home heating needs, and to select a dual-fuel system that’s right for your home, contact the experts at Sobieski Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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