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A Homeowner’s Simple Guide to a Fall Furnace Tune-up

LeafFall and the colder temperatures that come along with it will be arriving in the area before you know it. It’s important to make sure that your home is ready now for the cold that’s coming. Have your furnace serviced to ensure you won’t have a lapse in heating when you need it most.

A professional furnace tune-up will ensure that your heating system is working efficiently so that you stay comfortable while keeping your energy costs down. It will also guarantee that everything is operating safely.

Your preventive maintenance will likely begin with an HVAC professional inspecting all the components and checking for damage. Things like worn-down belts can snap if allowed to deteriorate and can cause major problems requiring expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance also protects you from unexpected breakdowns.

The parts of the furnace are also cleaned to ensure they are working at peak performance. Your HVAC system as a whole can work up to 20 percent less efficiently when dirty. The cleaning alone can sometimes create enough savings in your monthly energy expenses to offset the cost of the service itself.

Your gas or oil connections will also be checked to make sure there are no dangerous leaks posing health or safety hazards to you or your family. Even the smallest leak can be dangerous if gone unchecked.

Your furnace will also undergo a number of other routine checks that will help keep it running efficiently. The HVAC professional will:

  • Verify thermostat settings
  • Clear condensate drains
  • Inspect system controls
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Tighten electrical components

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