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Important Benefits of Furnace Cleaning

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Staying on top of furnace cleaning throughout the heating season is a must to heat your home dependably. Dust and debris covering the parts inside your blower compartment compromise the entire system and can lead to safety problems.

Depending on your skill level and comfort with mechanical systems, you may be able to clean some of the furnace components yourself before and during the heating season. If you’re not comfortable around the components of the furnace or can’t access its critical parts, the experts at Sobieski Services can help you with a thorough system cleaning and tune-up.

At a minimum, learning how to change the air filter for the system goes a long way toward keeping it clean. Check it monthly when it’s running often. Replace it with a filter suitable for your system that’s the exact size the manufacturer requires to minimize the need for furnace cleaning between annual professional maintenance visits.

A clean furnace will:

  • Run more efficiently. When dirt covers the blower motor, the switches,the heat exchanger and the ignition system, the furnace has to work harder. A dirty filter reduces the volume of air flowing over the heat exchanger that forces your furnace to run in longer cycles. Dirt covering the heat exchanger, a crucial and expensive component of furnaces, insulates it and the air blowing over won’t absorb as much heat, increasing its running time.
  • Last Longer. Although furnaces are engineered to produce heat, dirty parts speed the aging process for the electronic switches and controls, the blower motor and fan, along with the heat exchanger.
  • Run safely. Over time, a dirty heat exchanger may crack prematurely and it can deadly emit carbon monoxide into your home’s air. These cracks may force an expensive repair or a complete furnace replacement.

To learn more about furnace cleaning, contact Sobieski Services, Inc. We strive to help our customers in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey learn more about energy and home comfort – especially HVAC and plumbing issues – to help them save money and live in healthier, more comfortable homes.

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