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HEPA Filtration: Smartly Boosting Indoor Air Quality

You’ve heard about them, but just exactly what are HEPA filters? HEPA, or high-efficiency particulate air, filters are the pinnacle of filtration systems. They’re made up of randomly arranged fiberglass strands compacted into a solid mat of material. According to the Department of Energy, they must filter out 99.97 percent of particulate material in a home at 0.03 microns and above.

Before you run out and purchase HEPA filtration for your furnace filter slot, you should know that their density restricts air movement. Using this type of filter could harm your equipment rather than clean your air. But HEPA filtration can also be used in other ways.

Where HEPA filtration is used

This filtration system is used in hospitals, laboratories and in industries where computer parts, pharmaceuticals and sensitive aerospace components are manufactured. It’s common in many household appliances such as vacuum cleaners and room air conditioners. The technology of HEPA filtration is also used in whole-house air cleaners.

By combining by-pass technology with the HEPA filter, home forced-air systems can function at their maximum efficiency, distributing airflow without altering the indoor air pressure. This places minimal strain on existing heating and air systems and delivers the full benefits of the highest-rated filter available. Tiny particles are removed from your home environment and your family breathes air in the entire home equal to the hospital or pharmaceutical manufacturing environment.

If you’re wanting your home to have the cleanest air possible and would like to consider HEPA filtration, contact the pros at Sobieski Services.

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