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Get A Fall Furnace Tuneup Now, And Save Big Later

Money TreeIt may seem too soon to start thinking about preventive maintenance for your heating system, but a fall furnace tune-up can help you save considerable amounts of money later in the season.

Preventive maintenance services allow a trained HVAC technician to thoroughly check your heating system from end to end. The technician will look for problems that can be repaired before they turn into major trouble later. He or she will find parts that need to be fixed or replaced and will make sure all components are working properly. The tech will look for leaks in your ductwork and will make sure there are no areas where dangerous exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide can escape into your home.

Some of the more significant ways a fall furnace tuneup will save you money later include:

  • Improved reliability: A well-maintained furnace runs better and more reliably. If you’ve had your heating system inspected before the season starts, it will be more likely to work without a problem or breakdown since potential trouble spots should have been identified and repaired during the inspection. You are much less likely to face the unpleasant possibility of an expensive mid-season emergency repair or furnace replacement when technicians and installers are at their busiest and service prices are at their highest.
  • Improved efficiency: A tuned-up furnace runs more efficiently, making better use of the fuel it burns to produce heating. Since the system uses less fuel for the same result, you’ll see decreased utility bills without compromising indoor comfort levels.
  • Pre-season rates: As demand for inspection and repair services increase, prices for furnace maintenance may also increase. An early fall furnace tune-up will give you the opportunity to get an inspection at the season’s best price. Your HVAC provider will appreciate not having to add another appointment to an already overstuffed schedule and will likely be able to devote more attention to your heating system.

Contact us today for more information on fall furnace maintenance or to schedule a fall furnace tune-up at your convenience.

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