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HVAC Service Plans For Long-Term Home Comfort And Efficiency

Family on floorSummer is almost here, and the last thing you want as a homeowner is a problem with your air conditioning system. The key to keeping your home comfort system operating efficiently is a maintenance plan, in which regularly scheduled service helps extend the unit’s life while also keeping your energy bill down.

A typical maintenance plan usually involves a technician checking the refrigerant charge in your air conditioner, changing filters, cleaning evaporator coils and ensuring that the airflow is unimpeded. A routine check of electrical connections will ensure the safety of your family, while also extending the air conditioner’s operational lifetime. Filters that are left to collect dust for too long, incorrect amount of refrigerant, and dirty coils all have the same collective effect on your system — inefficient operation.

Additionally, your HVAC maintenance technician will perform essential functions such as lubricating parts, making sure your thermostat is operating correctly, ensuring there are no wiring problems, and making sure that the unit performs up to product specifications. The condensate will also be checked, because one that isn’t functioning properly can cause water damage to your home, as well as negatively affecting the humidity levels inside. In addition to the scheduled service, your technician will make sure to show you how to do simple things such as change air filters regularly that will help to extend the life of your air conditioner.

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