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Enhance Commercial Property Security with Alarm Monitoring Services

Warning RobocopCommercial property security is a priority for any business owner. It means protecting your business sites, warehouses, retail centers, offices and associated locations from harm. The potential hazards that can cause damage, loss of money or product, or interruption of business operations are numerous: fire, theft, equipment malfunctions and other unexpected events can create expensive, disruptive situations that can hurt your company and profits. Even worse, in extreme cases, your employees and customers can be put at risk of injury or even death.

As a business owner, you do your best to maintain commercial property security and prevent problems from occurring. However, it’s not possible for you or your security personnel to be everywhere at once. Maintaining the highest level of commercial property security means installing alarm systems and employing professional alarm monitoring services.

Sobieski Life Safety provides customers with full-time alarm monitoring and response services that are designed for quick reaction and resolution when your commercial properties are at risk. Our customized services are designed to give you the best security coverage for your unique commercial property security needs. As part of our basic procedures, we will:

  • Verify the alarm with correct identification to ensure it’s genuine and not a false alarm.
  • Contact with and dispatch of police, fire and emergency response personnel, as needed.
  • Notification of personnel, such as managers, owners and critical employees on contact lists provided.
  • Follow-up and resolution of the issue with fire, police and other authorities.

We also offer E-Access, an Internet-based information resource that allows you to check and monitor your alarm activity 24 hours a day. E-Access gives you constantly updated real-time information on all of your alarm accounts and any activity that has occurred on those accounts. You can also:

  • View your account history
  • View open (arming)/close (disarming) history
  • See and update your account information
  • View and print reports

Sobieski Life Safety’s and alarm monitoring provides a distinctive array of services for your commercial property security needs.

  • Non-supervised digital monitoring: Basic monitoring for residential and small commercial applications. Includes monitoring for burglar and fire alarms, panic alarms, holdup situations, low battery indicators and failure of air conditioning systems.
  • Communicator tests and timing tests: Sobieski’s monitoring process regularly tests your alarm system to ensure continuous, reliable operation. Tests can be conducted daily, weekly or monthly, as you prefer. Test results are recorded in your account history where they can be viewed at your convenience. Test failures are handled promptly, with notifications to the alarm company for check-up or repair and the customer whose alarm systems are malfunctioning.
  • Open/Close (O/C) monitoring: Our monitoring service includes reports on the arming and disarming (opening and closing) of alarm systems, along with monitoring of burglary and trouble conditions. The O/C records are logged to your account history where you can view them at any time. Reports can also be mailed weekly or monthly. O/C signals can be monitored based on your established schedules to ensure security personnel have reported on time. Notifications are sent to your established contact list if an opening or closing is missed.
  • Environmental monitoring: We can monitor and respond to a variety of environmental alarm conditions, including temperature changes, high and low water levels and the presence of chlorine gas.
  • Elevator phone numbers and monitoring: Our services can provide an individual toll-free number for phones in each elevator in your facility. We can monitor calls from these phone numbers and respond to any situations by notifying building maintenance or local fire/rescue services, as appropriate.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about Plumbing, HVACR, Fire Protection and Alarm Systems in Mechanical, Commercial and Residential settings. For more information about the importance of alarm monitoring services in commercial property security and to view projects we’ve worked on, visit our website!

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