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Electronic Air Cleaners: The Technology Behind These Nifty Systems

Crochet MonsterElectronic air cleaners have been around in commercial use for years. Hospitals require sterilized environments in operating rooms and intensive care sections, since random pollutants floating around in a surgical ward are not acceptable. Electronic air cleaners such as those used in hospitals and sterile labs have been reproduced in a form that’s both affordable and adaptable for residential use.

How electronic air cleaners function

Because they use electricity to operate, electronic air cleaners can use active technology instead of simple passive filter technology:

  • Electronic charging: Whole-house air cleaners emit a low electronic charge that magnetizes contaminants to keep them attached to a metallic plate system. Instead of passing through, these particles become attached to the metal medium. The process is sometimes called ionization.
  • Multiple filtrations: Multiple filters catch other particles down to smoke and gaseous particulate matter. Electronic air filters have the capacity to catch and hold these particles, removing odors from cooking and other activities.
  • UV germicidal lights: As viruses, bacteria, mold and other microorganisms pass through your air cleaner, UV lights either destroy the contaminants or remove their ability to reproduce. If they can’t reproduce, they soon die and are no longer a health threat.

All this technology is incorporated into the air cleaner and, by each process, ensures cleaner and healthier air in your Delaware home. Your family can breathe clean air as your indoor air is processed through your heating system.

For more information on how electronic air cleaners work, contact the indoor air experts at Sobieski Services. We want your family to breathe easier and more comfortably all year long.

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