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Allergy-Proofing Your Home During Peak Pollen Season

When pollen season is at its peak, it can make life challenging for allergy sufferers. Fortunately, there are methods you can implement to allergy-proof your home and allow you to stay breathing easy.

Upgrade Your Air Filters
All air filters are measured by their Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) so that you are able to compare their efficiency side by side. A MERV 16 is one of the highest ratings you can get and will capture the smallest of airborne particles, such as pollen and dust, as they attempt to circulate through your air system. By replacing air filters monthly, you will keep them working at their best.

Use a Hygrometer
Hygrometers are used to measure the humidity levels in your home. If your humidity is allowed to get too high, you can create an environment in your home that is ideal for the proliferation of mold and other allergy-irritating agents. If your humidity is consistently above 60 percent, using a dehumidifier can help allergy-proof your home.

Use Exhaust Fans
Replace bathroom and kitchen fans with exhaust fans that will draw polluted indoor air outside of your home. Fans that simply recirculate dirty air can worsen the problem.

Prevent Mold Growth
By ridding your home of areas that foster mold growth, you will make huge strides in allergy-proofing your home. Repair holes in your roof and have leaky pipes fixed so that water isn’t allowed to stagnate. An HVAC professional can install an Ultraviolet (UV) light in your HVAC system, which targets dangerous microorganisms, like bacteria, viruses and fungi, and kills them immediately.

Use an Air Cleaner
There is a whole host of air-cleaning technology that works to effectively target specific allergens. With the help of a home-comfort specialist, you can select the right technology (and filter) to target contaminants that trigger your allergies.

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