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Duct Cleaning: The 2-Step Process You Can Expect

Red/White/Blue BrushesDuct cleaning is an important element of a larger strategy to improve indoor air quality. All the air in your home passes through your ductwork many times daily. Duct contaminants circulated by the HVAC system can infiltrate living spaces and degrade air quality. Substances such as dust and pollen can trigger allergic responses, while microbial growth such as mold may cause even more serious health problems. Homeowners considering a duct cleaning procedure should contact a reputable local HVAC contractor for a complete inspection and honest evaluation. An HVAC professional will follow established criteria to determine the need for duct cleaning and conduct the procedure according to industry-accepted standards.

A two-stage duct cleaning strategy consists of these elements:

  • The remediation procedure begins by removing contaminants at the source inside the duct airflow. Molds, fungus and other organic growth may combine with moisture and dirt to create a breeding ground inside the ductwork. Complete cleaning of the ductwork under negative air pressure will remove both the contaminants and the food supply. A complete cleaning procedure will include the entire span of ductwork as well as other components in the airflow, such as coils and blower fans. Application of EPA-approved biocides to kill mold and any other biological growth may also be part of the treatment.
  • Without proper preventive steps, the same conditions that originally caused duct contamination may recur. High-efficiency pleated air filters with MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) ratings above 8 can protect ductwork from airborne contaminants including mold spores and bacteria. Ultraviolet (UV) lights installed inside ducts have germicidal properties and disrupt the DNA of biological contaminants as they circulate in the airflow. Heat recovery ventilators bring fresh, filtered outdoor air into the home through dedicated ductwork while exhausting stale indoor air at the exact same volume. This maintains neutral air pressure in the house and reduces infiltration by contaminated air.

Sobieski Services offers professional duct cleaning to safeguard your home’s breathing air.

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