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Do You Have A Noisy Air Conditioner? How To Address The Issue

Pillow over headWhen an air conditioner is noisy, it may present annoyances, such as making it more difficult to sleep, and disturbing neighbors. Noisy air conditioners may indicate an aging system, or much needed A/C maintenance. Fortunately, there are options to address noise issues.

Sources of noise

The compressor is typically the chief noisemaker, and it gets worse as the system ages, or if the system falls into disrepair. The blower motor and blades produce significant noise. Dirt and debris buildup on blades add to the noise and contribute to wear and tear on the bearings. The cabinet itself may be old and rattly.

How to reduce noise

Common solutions for reducing noise include muffling the noise, blocking the noise, and replacing your air conditioner with a quieter high-efficiency system.

  • Muffling the noise: If your compressor is the source of the problem, you may try covering it with a sound blanket specifically designed for this purpose. It covers the compressor without reducing function. Sound blankets reduce noise by approximately one-third. You may need an HVAC professional to install it for you.
  • Blocking the noise: If space permits, you may consider installing a sound barrier, or sound-absorbing fence around your air conditioner. This is a chancy solution, as you won’t know the exact noise-canceling results until you’ve finished installing the barrier/fence. If you choose this option, provide at least three feet of space from the cabinet and the barrier for airflow.
  • A/C upgrade: A new A/C may be as much as 17 times quieter than an old A/C. That means that it takes 17 new high-efficiency A/C units to produce the same noise level as 1 old A/C. Components including the compressor, blower assembly, and even the cabinet are redesigned for optimal home comfort and energy savings.

If your air conditioner is noisy due to age, it is worthwhile to consider upgrading. If your A/C has plenty of years left, you may opt for a sound blanket, or other financially prudent solution.

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