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Homeowners: 866-477-4404

Heating & Cooling Pro Check

The best way to ensure your heating and air conditioning systems operate at peak performance and keep you and your family comfortable is to have a licensed and trusted HVAC company, like Sobieski, perform seasonal Pro-Checks on your systems and equipment.

Note- This ProCheck offer applies to Electric and Gas heating systems only.


You rely heavily on your home’s heating and air conditioning to keep you comfortable throughout the year. If your furnace or air conditioner isn’t functioning properly, it can cause you to be too hot or too cold, while potentially running up your energy bills.

Scheduling regular Pro-Check from the experts at Sobieski helps you to:

Increase Home Comfort

An air conditioner or heating unit that hasn’t been properly checked won’t do a great job of keeping you comfortable. A Pro-Check ensures your system is optimized to help it achieve ideal performance for ultimate home comfort.

Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs

An unmaintained HVAC unit can easily generate high energy bills. During a Sobieski Pro-Check, we will check your unit to make sure you’re not paying more than absolutely necessary for cooling or heating your home.

Avoid HVAC Breakdowns

The Sobieski ProCheck helps to ensure your furnace or air conditioner is properly maintained. It also increases system durability which extends the life of the unit. This will help you to avoid unexpected breakdowns which can result in inconvenient and potentially costly last-minute repairs. Additionally, annual maintenance is required to maintain manufacturer warranties on your systems.

Gain Peace of Mind with Home Health & Safety

Heating and cooling units can leak, releasing toxic fluids and gases like refrigerant and carbon monoxide into your home’s air. Having a specialist from Sobieski perform a Pro-Check on your HVAC system prevents you and your family from having to live in hazardous conditions. This reassurance provides you with health, safety and security.


Sobieski serves homes across Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania, from the beach to King of Prussia, West Chester and beyond. We can help you feel comfortable throughout the entire year with a heating or air conditioning system ProCheck. Avoid HVAC breakdowns, high energy bills, uncomfortable home temperatures and health hazards by having Sobieski maintain your furnace or air conditioner.

Get comfortable, start saving and gain peace of mind with a system ProCheck. Contact us to schedule your ProCheck today!


Air Conditioning / Heat Pump ProCheck includes:

  • Check Temperature Rise/Drop
  • Check Condensate Drains
  • Check Blower Motor Amps
  • Check Blower Motor Capacitor
  • Check Blower Motor Wheel
  • Check Condenser Coil
  • Check Evaporator Coil
  • Check Refrigerant Pressures
  • Check Super Heat & Sub-cooling
  • Check Contractor
  • Check Outdoor Capacitors
  • Check Defrost Operation
  • Check Systems Safety Switches
  • Check & Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Check Outdoor Motor Bearings
  • Check Outdoor Fan Motor Amp Draw
  • Check Compressor Amp Draw
  • Meg Compressor Readings
  • Check Supply Voltage
  • Check Disconnect Box
  • Check Electric Heat Strips (Heating Mode Only – If Applicable)
  • Check Air Filter
  • Check Static Pressures
Gas Furnace ProCheck Includes:

  • Check Flame Sensor
  • Check Ignitor
  • Check Safety Components
  • Check Blower Capacitor
  • Check Blower Motor Bearings
  • Check Blower Wheel
  • Check Heat Exchanger
  • Check Combustion Readings
  • Check Temperature Rise
  • Check Gas Pressure
  • Check Thermostat
  • Inspect Burners
  • Check Condensate Drain
  • Check & Tighten Electrical Connections (within Equipment)
  • Check Flue for proper venting
  • Check Filter
  • Check Static Pressures
  • Check Supply Voltage
  • Check Inducer Motor Amps
  • Check Blower motor Amps

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