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Choose UV Lights To Combat Household Germs

FamilyIf you are concerned about exposure to germs, bacteria, mold and other organic contaminants inside your home, choosing UV lights is a smart, affordable and effective way to provide the healthy indoor air quality you’re after.

UV light technology has been used in hospitals, commercial industries and government buildings for many years to protect employees, patients and high-tech equipment from harmful germs, mold and other microbial compounds. Now, choosing UV lights to protect your loved ones and your home is as simple as calling your HVAC professional.

UV light technology

UV lights work by destroying the DNA of organic contaminants with low-level radiation. This leaves germs, mold and bacteria unable to reproduce, spread and infect people. When installed in the air-return duct near the air handler, all airflow circulating through the return duct is disinfected by the UV light before contaminants come into contact with HVAC equipment, where mold and bacteria may settle, accumulate and reduce HVAC function and energy efficiency.

Healthy air, healthy home

UV lights are only effective at destroying organic airborne contaminants that circulate through the ducts and are ineffective against dust, pollen, aerosols and other non-organic contaminants. Therefore, UV lights are one part of a complete indoor air quality strategy, as determined by a study funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Adequate ventilation and filtration are the other components for healthy indoor air. Choose a high-efficiency air filter suited for your needs and check it regularly. Also ventilate (cooling, heating, or fan) your home daily for fresh, filtered air.

Germs and contaminants that are not circulated through the ducts settle on furnishings, bedding, drapes, clothing and crevices throughout your home. While housecleaning, dusting and vacuuming agitate the tiniest microscopic contaminants, and they become airborne. Turn on your HVAC system to pull the newly-airborne contaminants through the ducts and air filter. Continue ventilating your home for 20 to 30 minutes after cleaning.

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