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A 5-Step Guide To Choosing A Sump Pump

FiveRainy weather can leave our basements vulnerable to flooding and damaging moisture buildup. Installing a sump pump helps prevent flooding and alleviates dampness and musty odors. Before choosing a sump pump, however, there are a few factors to consider.

1. Pump design and operation
You’ll need to choose between a pedestal or submersible design. In a pedestal design, the pump motor is above the sump pit. This design is cheaper to buy and easier to service, but more conspicuous and lasts only up to 15 years. A submersible pump is installed below the water level, where it’s unobtrusive and can last up to 30 years. You’ll also need to choose between a more economical manually operated pump and a more convenient automatic pump.

2. Horsepower (hp)
Most sump pumps are 1/3 hp. For a minor dampness problem, a 1/4 hp sump pump may be enough. For major moisture or flooding issues, you may need a 1/2 hp sump pump.

3. Head pressure
Head pressure indicates how high a pump can raise water. Before choosing a sump pump, you’ll need to know how high the pump has to lift the water to get it out of your basement or crawlspace. Most pumps can lift water at least 10 feet.

4. Voltage
For normal residential use, you’ll want a sump pump that runs on standard 110-volt circuits. If you plan to use the pump in an industrial setting, you may need a 220- or 4690-volt pump.

5. Cord length
A sump pump shouldn’t be plugged into an extension cord, so choose a pump with a cord long enough to reach the nearest ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet.

If your basement’s prone to flooding during heavy rains or snowmelts, strongly consider backup sump pump protection to prevent damage that could occur if your sump pump is overwhelmed by a sudden influx of water.

For more professional guidance on choosing a sump pump or other solutions for basement moisture, contact us at Sobieski Services, Inc.

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