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7 Things to Know Before Starting a Sump Pump Installation

SevenWhen it comes to your home, you may want to consider purchasing and installing a sump pump. A sump pump is a device used to remove any water built up and collected, generally in the basement of a home. A sump pump is handy to have in areas where flooding is common, as this device can be used to quickly remove the water, which in turn is going to save you thousands of dollars in possible repair for the home. Of course, before you go about looking into a sump pump installation, it is important to know everything there is to regarding the equipment. Without the necessary equipment, the home is just going to flood and end up causing significant damage. These seven bits of information are all important things that you need to know before the sump pump installation.

  • Permanent
  • Every Environment
  • Plan in Advance
  • Protect Belongings
  • Loud
  • Kinds of Sump Pumps
  • Maintenance

One thing you must take into consideration is a sump pump is permanent. Once installed, it is there for good. The equipment is installed and holes are drilled into the base of the floor, so there really isn’t any going back once you have the equipment installed. Although having the appliance installed is important for most locations, it is still something you need to take into consideration before opting into the sump pump installation. Every Environment Although sump pumps are made to remove water from the basement, it is helpful to have the equipment installed in just about any environment. Unless you live in a location that is incredibly dry and never receives any sort of precipitation, it is important to have the sump pump installation take place. Of course, most locations that are extremely dry don’t have a basement anyway, so chances are, if you have a basement in your home, you should opt into the sump pump installation.

Plan in Advance
Plan out the sump pump installation well in advance. It takes a while to get everything in the basement cleaned out. If you are like most individuals, you have a good amount of storage in the basement. However, with all the space the installation technician needs, and with the amount of cutting and drilling into the foundation that is required, you want to make sure all of the storage is out of the way, so the individual has proper room to complete the installation.

Protect Belongings
The previous step leads right into this one. There is going to be equipment and material you just can’t move out of the way (such as your washer and dryer). Make sure to protect this equipment with sheets and coverings, as there is going to be a good amount of debris produced by the installation. With the cement cut up and drilled into, it is necessary to have everything protected and covered to avoid any sort of damage. You don’t want your valuable appliances and other material damaged, simply because you didn’t take the right precautions and cover everything.

One thing to take into consideration is sump pumps are not quiet. When the equipment is running, it is going to make a good deal of noise. There really isn’t anything you can do about it. This is just something you need to know about it before the installation takes place. You don’t want to run the sump pump only to be surprised by the sound produced by its motor.

Different Kinds of Sump Pumps
Not all sump pumps are made equal, as there are different kinds of pumps for different installations. For starters, there are two basic kinds of sump pumps. One is known as a pedestal and the other is known as a submersible. The pedestal pump is built on a pedestal and placed above the pit. It is easy to service and fix problems, but it is right in the open. The submersible pump is placed inside the pit and is specially sealed in order to prevent any sort of an electrical short circuit, as it does come into more contact with the water. However, it is more difficult to service, due to its low proximity inside the pit.

General Maintenance
You do need to perform general maintenance on the sump pump. You can’t just have it installed and let it go. In fact, it is recommended you have it at least examined once a year. If the pump is used more frequently, it is recommended to have the pump checked over several times a year instead, ad dirt, gravel, sand and other debris can block it up and prevent it from running properly. Before any sort of general maintenance is performed, it is always important to disconnect it from the electrical current, to help avoid any sort of risk of electrocution.

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